What We Do

Whether you’re a company or brand, large or small, consumer facing or B2B, taking your first step on the CSR & Social Good journey or well down the path – we can help you do good, better.

We’ve guided people that head up company (philanthropic) Foundations – like Vodafone Foundation and Mondelez Foundation.  We’ve worked with people to implement a CSR (sustainability) strategy – like Kmart and BetEasy.  We’re the matchmaker behind many of Australia’s most enduring corporate-cause partnerships – like SEEK Volunteer which is now in its 23rd year.  And we’ve helped numerous marketers build authentic cause-related marketing campaigns – like Kellogg’s and Kleenex. 

We’ve helped companies and brands to show what they stand for, reveal a values-driven point of difference, inspire customers and employees, and earn a good reputation. 

On the flipside, we’ve played a small part in reducing toddler drownings, connecting kids to counselling, providing more guide dogs to people who’re vision impaired, funding life-saving research, preserving the environment and changing the face of volunteering.  Through our client’s partnerships, we’ve also helped raise awareness of critical social issues including binge drinking, mental illness, indigenous inequality, stroke and social violence.

Our robust processes have been tried & tested for over 20 years – you’re in safe hands.

How we help

We help in one of three ways: 


Our 10-step HeartSmart® process will find you the perfect cause partner that meets your social AND commercial objectives.  A partner that reflects your business, brand, stakeholder aspirations and employee desires.  Our former client (Mondelez) talk of the process here 


Our rigorous Framework process considers all aspects of your company to ensure that your CSR & Social Good portfolio is a modern and genuine reflection of your business, brand, stakeholder aspiration and employee desires.  See Our Work (Qantas, Kmart) for testimonials.  


Guided by 20+ years of consumer research and insights, we provide ideas and resources to ensure your CSR & Social Good is communicated in a vibrant, and authentic way – such as videos and infographics. Watch client storymonial here. Download our e-book Talking the Walk® here


In addition to consultancy, Hailey Cavill-Jaspers speaks about the power of doing good at both corporate and consumer conferences, in Australia and overseas. Her life story is captivating and resonates deeply with audiences seeking purpose.  She brings 20+ years of research, consumer insight and case studies to the stage all wrapped up in stories told with mastery, warmth and humour.


Non Profits 

Cavill + Co used to help non-profits with their corporate partnership challenges.  Now we exclusively help companies and brands.  In 2018 Hailey founded a new company with Georgia McIntosh called BePartnerReady.com® - a training and implementation program for changemakers within non-profits and social enterprises.

If you’re a company wanting to empower your cause partners, talk to us. If you’re a changemaker working within the non-profit and social enterprise sector visit go to BePartnerReady.com®