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The Conscious Consumer Report 2023 Launch Webinar & Q&A

SESSION OVERVIEW: Hailey will guide you through the findings of the 2023 Conscious Consumer Research Report. Hot off the press, the research features over 20 statistics revealing the attitudes of Australian consumers towards companies & brands and their CSR and social good work. The stats are compelling and reflect a growing anger at inaction. The Conscious Consumer is no longer just conscious – they’re informed, they’re active and they’re willing to use their collective power to force change. Not just societal change, but remould the role of business.

Shareholder value is out, personal values are in. Profit at all cost is out.  Business where everyone profits is in.

The research reveals what gives Doing Good credibility (and what makes it LACK credibility), Australians’ preference for HOW companies should invest in charity, which Generation are the biggest boycotters, which product category has consumers SWITCHING to support a cause… and much more.