The 2023 Conscious Consumer Report

New research launched today (5 October 2023) reveals that Australians are angry at corporates for inaction on societal issues that matter. They believe corporates are ‘all talk, no action’ and it's time that corporates stepped up to tackle the array of societal problems facing the nation.  The research also reveals how Australians want corporates to go about it, and communicate it.

Consumers are demanding that corporates not only address their impact on society and the environment but be active agents of change. And they have some very powerful tools at their disposal, namely their voice, skills and purchasing power.

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The 2023 report - containing 20 statistics, commentary from the author Hailey Cavill-Jaspers,  and some great partnership examples - is free to download below.


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Are you a non profit or social enterprise?

If you work within a charity, non-profit, social enterprise or purpose-driven enterprise, there is a report written for you! Visit our other company® and download the Changemaker edition here


What's a Conscious Consumer?

Conscious Consumers use the power of their purchase to effect positive social change. This is a global movement, across all age groups and countries. The Conscious Consumer Report focuses on three key aspects that relate to conscious consumers and CSR & Social Good: corporate behaviour, corporate communication and consumer behaviour. 


Voice of the People

We took to the streets to gain further insight and bring the statistics to life. 

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The Generations

Understanding research requires knowledge of the different generational groups and the events that shaped their attitudes and behaviour. 

Download our free booklet ‘The Generations‘ for a deep dive into Gen X, Y, Z & Boomers, KIPPERS, PUMCINS & Millennials. 


How we can help

We hope the statistics and insights contained within the Report provide you with the evidence and impetus needed to begin a conversation about CSR & Social Good within your company. Whilst investing in this area may seem counter-intuitive amid a cost of living crisis - it’s crucial to long term business survival. We help companies and brands do good, better.  


Previous reports

This is the third Conscious Consumer Report. If you love stats and want to compare the current findings with prior reports, knock yourself out!