imagine a world without partnerships

Sammy J & Randy - inseparable!


imagine a world without partnerships

Spock + Kirk – space adventures


imagine a world without partnerships

Ben & Jerry’s – more than ice cream


imagine a world without partnerships

Lennon & McCartney – sweet music


imagine a world without partnerships

MATson + ELliot - Mattel toy pioneers


imagine a world without partnerships

Crick & Watson - DNA molecule

Let us help you re-imagine your world with the perfect partner

Imagine a world without the music of Lennon & McCartney. What if 2 college dropouts named Steve hadn’t formed Apple in their garage?

Partnerships drive invention, business & creativity – they can even transform society.

At Cavill + Co we build purposeful, profitable partnerships between companies & charities – more than 43 of them over 21 years.

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do


When two partners bring something new to each other, the result can be meaningful, purposeful, even magical.  Companies need to reveal their human face, to show that they stand for something beyond profit.  Charities need to shift to a new paradigm of self-reliance, by adopting entrepreneurial practices, tapping into the abundant skills and resources of the commercial sector.

Companies and charities need each other like never before, and their collaborations can produce seemingly unlimited mutual benefit.  Partnerships look simple enough, but partners often need someone to bring them together, to unearth their potential, to make their partnership powerful, enduring and socially impactful.


Doing Good is at the heart of who we are

The line between profit and purpose has become blurred. When we began 21 years ago, there was a clear delineation between Profit driven corporates and Purpose-driven Not-for-Profits. It was pure Corporate Philanthropy or hard-nosed Sponsorship. Then Cause Related Marketing (CRM) & the Triple Bottom Line emerged in the ‘90s, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the noughties. Now there’s Social Enterprises and Creating Shared Value (CSV) further blurring the lines. All wrapped up in an over-used misunderstood term ‘sustainability’.


At the heart of all this is doing good, and bettering society. And that is all that matters. To us anyway, because this is at the heart of who we are. Watch as Hailey explains how she came to be at the helm of Cavill + Co.

We help profit-driven organisations (corporations, companies, social enterprises, SMEs, brands) build partnerships that achieve their commercial outcomes. Strengthening reputation, building customer trust & loyalty, motivating staff, enhancing brand health & differentiation.

We also help purpose-driven organisations (community organisations, charities, social enterprises, NGOs) build partnerships that make them more robust and sustainable while achieving their social purpose.

Commercial partners have given them significant dollars and increased awareness, exponentially increasing their social impact.

There’s heaps of jargon in our world, a proliferation of acronyms. A fast-evolving area, and in 21 years we’ve seen it all. We stand for plain English; we’ll help you navigate the jargon jungle!

Who we’ve been working with – a smorgasbord for logo lovers

Partnership Snapshots

Some of our client’s partnerships that make us proud, to tantalise your tastebuds

Pfizer Australia & Royal Life Saving Society

October 17, 2015

Seek & Volunteering Australia

October 17, 2015

Vodafone & Hello Sunday Morning

October 17, 2015

This is such an exciting initiative for SEEK. It achieves so many of our objectives. Not only does it utilise our core area of expertise, but it fits so perfectly with our brand. It will achieve our objectives of differentiation and gaining positive publicity, it has generated a real team spirit and sense of pride with our employees, and best of all we’re making a really positive difference in the world. We’re really proud of this program. And we couldn’t have done it without Cavill + Co.

Katie May, Former Marketing Director, SEEK Ltd

My first goal at the Vodafone Foundation was to redefine our strategy & purpose - to invest in causes that were aligned to our values and appealing to our stakeholders. I turned to Cavill + Co for their 19 years of experience. We brought a new level of focus to the Foundation’s activities and created a new purpose - enabling charities to harness the power of mobile technology to improve the health and well-being of Australians. Through Hailey’s HeartSmart® process we found two amazing long term partners that aligned to this purpose. Hailey’s wise counsel was invaluable - she has a robust, tried and tested process that gets results. She has a refreshing straight-up attitude, but also open to new ideas and perspectives. Highly recommended.

Alyssa Jones, Head of Vodafone Foundation

In 1999 Hailey Cavill identified the synergy between the work of leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the Royal Life Saving Society Australia.
Hailey’s insight forged a wonderful partnership between Pfizer and Royal
Life Saving that is now moving into its fourth year. The result – the Pfizer Keep Watch -Toddler Drowning Prevention campaign has been hugely successful in saving young lives. Over the past four years the number of drowning’s in the 0-5 age group has reduced from 65 to 35 – a significant achievement and a great platform from which to mount further improvement. Hailey’s infectious drive and enthusiasm ensured the relationship between Pfizer and Royal Life Saving provided a significant benefit to our community.

Rob Bradley, Former CEO, Royal Life Saving Society Australia

Hard working, filled with boundless enthusiasm. They found us a cause partner perfectly aligned with our business values and brands. Recommend them highly.

Stephen Browning, Director of Corporate Affairs, News Corp

Energetic, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about creating strong partnerships – both fun and very rewarding. Highly recommended

Graeme Moses, Director of Marketing & Membership, Financial Services Council

Highly recommend Cavill + Co for their knowledge, professionalism and due diligence.

Tammy Marshall, Former MD, Contiki

Hailey’s professional yet down to earth attitude is very refreshing.

Chelsea Cobb, CSR Manager, PwC

Red Bull for your corporate partnerships strategy

Brendan Maher, General Manager, RU OK?

Stunning results, outstanding training

Ian Johnson, Marketing Manager, STREAT

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