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These days, the answer to any question is at your fingertips… thanks to Google. And with time being such a precious commodity, why would anyone attend a conference in 2020? To learn new ideas & practical tools from people who bring them to life through lived experiences.

And the role of a speaker?  To engage, inspire, disrupt current thinking and provoke a conversation, because we all know, the hallway track is where the real learning happens.  Speakers need to be more than just subject matter experts to engage information-fatigued delegates.  They must have lived knowledge, be entertaining and storytellers.

Enter stage right, Hailey Cavill-Jaspers, DoGoodologist

About Hailey

Hailey is an experienced, engaging, provocative & authentic Social Good practitioner with determination & grit who encourages & guides business & corporates to be a positive force for GOOD. For 24 years Hailey has led her boutique company Cavill + Co – match-making corporates to causes, 50 in fact, investing over $45m into non-profits & causes that benefit society.  She’s facilitated over 600 of her own workshops teaching non-profits & causes her robust process for securing corporate partners.  She’s a Pitch Coach, has run numerous leaderships think tanks for clients Westpac, Disney, Vodafone & Mondelez to name a few. She’s presented at over XX conferences in Europe and Australasia on her passion topic: CSR & Social Good, something that resonates deeply with Millennials & Gen Z.

Hailey speaking at Mumbrella’s CommsCon

Hailey shares her story at the Happiness Conference

Engaging speaker

Hailey has been at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility for 24 years; indeed, she was working hard at the coalface before the term was even coined.  Her ‘day job’ is to help corporate Australia to walk the CSR & Social good talk, by partnering with purpose-driven organisations (non-profits, charities & social enterprises) to add tangible, demonstrable & measurable action to a company’s societal mission, CSR strategy, philanthropy or brand manifesto.


Hailey brings real world experience to her presentations, having worked with companies like Vodafone Australia, SEEK, Kmart, Mondelez, Diageo, Qantas, FSC to name a few, she has inspiring stories & case studies to share that show real world results for both the corporate and society.  She’s published 7 books based on consumer research, so everything she presents is backed up by current research. Her latest books are ‘Talking the Walk®2 – How to tell your social good story to resonate with Millennials’, July 2019 and ‘DoGoodology® – the science of Doing Good’ June 2018.

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Hailey’s recent books

Testimonial #1

Hailey speaking about Happiness to accountants (CPA Conference) – tough audience!

She brings amazing & entertaining life experiences to her performance which include, but not limited to, sitting with mountain gorillas in Zaire, cleaning out bed pans in Mother Theresa’s mission in Calcutta and building an earth-covered eco house in Warburton’s Yarra Valley under the glare of the Grand Designs’ cameras.

Hailey’s presentations are provocative, informative, inspiring and make people put down their phone and listen. She has been described as charismatic, real, quirky, funny, energetic, optimistic, passionate and unique.

She is a seasoned speaker, always professional, well prepared & well-rehearsed. She goes beyond what a normal speaker might do. Hailey will bring in clients where she thinks it will add value, wear a superhero cape, recommend other speakers if required, suggest creative off-stage activities & promote your conference.

Her content and personality are perfect for the dinosaur or graveyard shift (the post lunch session when delegates often fall asleep due to carb-loaded sandwiches).

Provocative Panellist & Entertaining TV guest

Hailey’s quirky personality, quick wit and gift for twitter-length soundbites make her a perfect panellist for any conference or conversational tv show.  Over the years she has been featured on Gruen, 7.30 report & Business Sunday talking her CSR & Social Good research.  She has been a panellist at Criterion CSR Conferences, Edelman Trust Barometer launch & Grand Designs Australia Live Show. She brought an infectious optimism to the stressful task of building a home with an unusual green curved roof, on Grand Designs Australia.

View Hailey on Grand Designs
View Hailey on Gruen

Hailey joined the Gruen panel to talk Cause Related Marketing

Testimonial #2


Motivational MC

In 2018 Hailey MC’d the Happiness Conference in Sydney and was a huge hit with the audience of 3,000 strong. Hailey got delegates on their feet, singing and dancing after lunch (no mean feat on day 2 following lunch). She devised a quirky audience-participant segment – a ‘Sockafling’, sourcing free socks from Happy Socks that were flung into the audience. She thoroughly researched speakers she introduced (rather than just reading their bio), wrote humorous introductions for guests Indira Naidoo, musician James Morrison and chef Kylie Kwong. Hailey kept the event to time, finishing a 2-day conference just 1 minute late.

Watch Hailey MC the Happiness Conference

PR & Media Savvy

Prior to discovering her true passion for DoGooding®, Hailey spent 12 years working in PR & media in London. Her knowledge and gift for marketing and PR is exceptional – demonstrated by the fact that she has remained in business, in the media and at the forefront of her ever-evolving field for over 24 years. When you bring Hailey on board she’ll contribute to your conference in ways that will delight & she’ll promote your conference (not just her session) to her extensive followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and 5,000+ database.

Hailey on Gruen

Hailey filming for NAB


Hailey has studied the neuroscience & structures of storytelling for 3 years with master storyteller & performer Simon Oats.  She has published a book about the power of storytelling, hosted several workshops on storytelling and is an exceptional storyteller herself, weaving informative content into story form, delivering captivating talks.

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Testimonial #3

Hailey telling the street barber’s story – Happiness Conference

Deeply connected to your audience

As a businesswoman and marketer, Hailey doesn’t do anything without research.  She will probably ask you more questions about your audience than you’ve been asked before, because she will strive to tailor the message so that it resonates deeply.  She is a stickler for content that is backed up by research and is generous sharing decades of research with your audience both during and after the conference.  Don’t fret, not a boring stat-heavy PowerPoint in sight! Indeed, Hailey has created an infographic called ‘7 pointers to avoid pitch-bombing & death by PowerPoint’.

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Hailey is known and respected by many of Australia’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs and can easily influence them onto the stage with her. She works closely with master storyteller Simon Oats, has collaborated with leading neuroscientist Dr Fiona Kerr and weaves neuroscience of both storytelling and altruism into her talks.

Hailey and Alyssa Jones, Head of Vodafone Foundation