Talking The Walk®2 is the all new, fully revised edition of the ground-breaking report first published in 2016.  This is Cavill + Co’s 7th report based on credible research. Talking The Walk®2 features Hailey Cavill-Jaspers’ interpretation of over 40 research reports, and what this means for companies & brands who are doing good and want to communicate effectively. In this day and age consumers – especially millennials – want companies to do good. But as we near the end of the decade epitomised by corporate scandals and institutional collapse, resulting in lack of trust and fake news, it’s almost a case of  ‘the devil you do, the devil you don’t’ when it comes to communicating good deeds. So ultimately it all comes down to communication. The focus of Talking The Walk®2 is how to communicate to millennials with a social good story so that it cuts through the noise and scepticism.

Want a Sneak Peek?

If you’d like to have a squiz at parts of the book before purchasing, you can download a sampler here


Bespoke Australian research

There is no other Guide like this. It is useful for anyone working in the corporate or non profit sector that is tasked with communicating social good stories. Because so much communication doesn’t land and so many dollars are being wasted.

In Talking The Walk®2 Hailey provides a powerful snapshot into the psyche of millennials and why 2018 was a pivotal year for corporates, over 100 stats from over 40 research reports, including brand new never before released research by Di Marzio Research that reveals 1 in 5 Australians have actively boycotted brands behaving badly in the last year (2018).

And the most common boycotting action was to stop buying a product (65% of boycotters said this).


Stats that sizzle

It also includes 10 Best Practice Guidelines and a new model for communication, a whole chapter on storytelling and why it is so potent, along with inspiring case studies from Australia and overseas. 174pp of stats-made-juicy and interesting by Hailey’s pithy writing and gorgeous full colour imagery. Also all purchasers will be sent a link to the Talking the Walk® Resource Centre where all 40 research reports sit, along with inspiring videos and case studies and a whole lot more about storytelling.

The hard copy and e-book are available now. Unbelievably it’s just $99+ GST for your very own hard copy (limited print run so get in quick before it runs out).

Or e-book available right now for $49+ GST..

Our amazing partners Walk the talk

The reason we have been able to produce this substantial Guide with supplementary resources is thanks to our partners.  They are Fenton (comms), Caltex, Konica Minolta, IAG Foundation, Di Marzio Research, redwagon design and Dashing print & design.

A word from Bernard

“Well isn’t this a timely publication? The second edition of Talking the Walk® by British ex-pat PR-guru Hailey Cavill-Jaspers is a collaboration between the author, various corporate partners and a research house designed to provide updated insights into the vexed, and becoming more vexed by the day, world of CSR. Hailey has a PR guru’s eye for communication, an entertainingly pithy ability to encapsulate what is needed. Here is a work that is a symphony of bits & pieces of data, quotes & insights all drawn together. It’s a smorgasbord of CSR served up in delectable bite-sized pieces tempting you to dive in at any point to savour a morsel and move on.”  Bernard Salt AM, MD, The Demographics Group


A New Model

Download our free infographic detailing the new model for communicating CSR & Social Good to resonate with Millennials. We’d love you to share it with your colleagues and on social channels.


Attend an event

In April 2019 we ran 4 seminars in Sydney and Melbourne and audiences (corporate and communications agencies) were in full agreement that corporates need to step up.

If you would like to book in for a bespoke presentation by author Hailey Cavill-Jaspers to your marketing, CSR, sustainability and comms team (and invite your agencies) then book in now. Includes 5 copies of the hard-cover book and critique of 3 of your CSR & Social Good comms.

We are also running FREE webinars in late May 2019 summarising the report findings.


Why should we listen to Hailey?

A great question indeed.  What she brings is:

  • Experience and the wisdom: Hailey has been working in communications for almost 40 years – she cut her teeth at one of the world’s largest consultancies in London (Burson-Marsteller), worked in media (Cosmo, She, The Clothes Show magazine)
  • CSR & Social Good pioneer: Hailey began her company before CSR was even a term.  In her 23 year adventure she has built 50 partnerships between companies and charities investing over $40m into the community, as well as helping companies to achieve their CSR, marketing, philanthropic and HR objectives
  • Sought-after expert: She has shared her opinions with the likes of Choice magazine, Gruen, Mumbrella, Ad News, B&T and 7.30 Report.
  • Hands on practitioner with corporate experience: She has worked with numerous blue chip corporates & brands including Disney Australia, Kmart, Mondelez, Vodafone, Seek to name a few
  • Consumer insight: She has been tracking consumer sentiment since 1997 when she published her first research report The New Bottom Line, which anticipated the now widely accepted movement of the conscious consumer
  • Data driven insight: Hailey has commissioned and published several reports on CSR and Social Good including
  • Talking the Walk 1 in 2016,  Real Not Spiel in 2008, Passion People in 2004, Heart & Sold in 2001 and Cause & Effective in 1999.
  • Sought after speaker: She has spoken widely overseas and Australia on the power of altruism, most recently sharing the stage with altruism expert Matthieu Ricard, as well as at Mumbrella’s CommsCon
  • Author: Hailey published DoGoodology®  in 2018, the science of doing good, revealing that humans are wired to do good.
  • Entrepreneur: Hailey wrote and launched the world-first training tool for non-profits, The HeartSmart Toolkit, which has initiated numerous multi-million-dollar partnerships.  She has run her own boutique consultancy for 23 years.

Free Webinars

Attend one of our free Talking the Walk®2 webinars in late May 2019 to learn how to tell your social good story and resonate with millennials.

For executives within corporations, SMEs, social enterprises, brand teams, communications and ad agencies.


Testimonials for Talking the Walk®

See what Konica Minolta, Caltex, ETSY, Fenton Communications and Simon Oats (storyteller) have to say about Talking the Walk®.


In Talking the Walk® you’ve done all the heavy lifting for us. We can lose our life on Google or we can find all the relevant data in your report – thanks for your gift to the rest of us

Dr David CookeKonica Minolta

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know

Jim RohnEntrepreneur

Talking the Walk® is an engaging, illuminating read, I couldn’t put it down

Catherine MoolenschotInspire Greatness

Talking the Walk® is one meaty report – a wealth of research and information, combined with new bespoke research, easy to read and apply with a bold new path forward

Geoff NevillKPMG

The art of communication is the language of leadership

James HumesAuthor & Former Presidential Speechwriter

Hailey Cavill-Jaspers has a PR guru’s eye for communication and an entertainingly pithy ability to encapsulate what is needed

Bernard SaltThe Demographics Group

As a millennial living and working in Australia - I was keen to give this book a read. I must say, Hailey has nailed it. I’m impressed with the way she's presented our frustrations and the issues we are faced with, in a corporate world. The stats don’t lie and this book gives some strong commentary behind those stats. This is a strong tool that corporate leaders can really use to take positive action.

Tamantha BrownMillennial