The Definitive Guide to Communicating CSR & Social Good

Talking the Walk® – the definitive guide to communicating CSR & Social Good

is our latest (July 2016) research report that presents a compelling case of a looming crisis for Australian companies as consumers become more disenchanted with corporate greed.

In the new world paradigm consumers want to engage with brands they trust and who they see as doing good rather than harm. Even brands that are doing ‘good’ are generally failing to communicate this effectively.

We’re seeing high levels of skepticism, and low levels of trust.  Millions of dollars in wasted communication.

This report outlines a new approach based on something that we as humans cannot resist, a communications formula that our brains are wired for.

Talking the Walk® is 140 pages of rich data gathered from 24 research reports from around the world including Australia.  It also contains previously unreleased research on how CSR influences product purchase and how to get staff talking about CSR from April 2016.  There are 12 themes, 10 recommendations for communicating in this brave new world and numerous great examples of cut through communication.

When you buy the report you get a download of the report, all the research, 2 supplements and access to the Talking the Walk® resource centre with additional in-depth information, CSR/sustainability reports, case studies and videos.

All of this for the special price of $49 + GST for June/July 2018 only!

If you are a company, brand or social enterprise that is committed to a social purpose or CSR and want to get your communication right, get your copy now.

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For July 2018 only we are offering the Talking the Walk® book (which includes all research reports) for $49 to make way for Talking the Walk® 2 which is due out in April 2018.


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Talking the Walk report - Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Good


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We’re not the only ones who think our Talking the Walk® report is the bee’s knees.

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In Talking the Walk® you’ve done all the heavy lifting for us. We can lose our life on Google or we can find all the relevant data in your report – thanks for your gift to the rest of us

David CookeKonica Minolta

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know

Jim RohnEntrepreneur

Talking the Walk® is an engaging, illuminating read, I couldn’t put it down

Catherine MoolenschotInspire Greatness

Talking the Walk® is one meaty report – a wealth of research and information, combined with new bespoke research, easy to read and apply with a bold new path forward

Geoff NevillCaltex Australia

The art of communication is the language of leadership

James HumesAuthor & Former Presidential Speechwriter