Storytelling workshop for Social Good Superheroes (and Heroines)

Give us a day, and we’ll have you telling captivating stories that open hearts, minds & wallets.

Hello, I’m Hailey Cavill-Jaspers, DoGoodologist and corporate-cause matchmaker.

As a social intrapreneur aboard a non-profit/social enterprise ship, or The Chosen One leading the social good within a corporation/brand, your message is important, but is it being heard? Consumers are bombarded with commercial messages from numerous platforms (600 a day) like a space battle that never ends. So how do you deliver your message to inspire people and organisations to act? Whether you want consumers to donate, lobby, partner or volunteer for your cause, or consumers to consider your product or service and tell others about it – if the message isn’t landing then you’re wasting precious time and dollars.

So do we agree that delivery of your message – as well as the essence of it – is crucial?  Great, I’m glad you’re here and you’re not alone.

Here’s the thing. Whilst your cause is making a stunning social impact, or your company is doing extraordinary work in CSR, how do you get consumers to take notice, let alone care? You need a communication technique that resonates deeply with other humans, something that cuts through like a lightsaber, especially when you have a small budget.

A secret weapon

For the last 5 years I’ve been working with the amazing storytelling coach Simon Oats.  Simon is a master storyteller, I call him Oatsy-Wan Kenobi because he really is the ultimate Mentor.

You’ve surely heard the buzz around storytelling, and here’s why. In a very short time, the way we communicate has changed dramatically thanks to the internet & social media. Not only HOW we communicate but WHO controls the message. What hasn’t changed in thousands of years however, is our brain. Our brain is wired to respond to stories. Cutting edge Neuroscience now reveals that stories are the way our brain organises information and stores it into memory. Have you ever wondered why we turn random thoughts into colourful & insightful dreams? Have you ever made up a story or riddle about a person to remember their name? The brain just loves to place information into story form as a way of retaining important information. It’s why toddlers can recall their favourite story before they can tie their shoelaces.

Yep, stories are the equivalent to the Jedi blue lightsaber, and I’ve managed to convince Simon to share his practical techniques and cutting edge science with Australian Superheroes.

“Power! Unlimited power!” Emperor Palpatine

The story formula

Is there such a thing as a fail-safe story formula? Yes, there is! Look at the most loved and successful stories that we read over & over to kids …. the shows we binge-watch on Netflix (and then watch again). This simple structure, first identified by Joseph Campbell, is called The Hero’s Journey, and it captivates us time and time again – no matter our age, birthplace, language or culture. The structure is there in the stories of Buddha, Dickens and Disney, the same structure is played out in 18 of the top 20 grossing movies of all time.  Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Matrix, Red Dog, Wizard of Oz, GoT…take a look and you’ll see it in your favourite flick. You’ll learn a lot more about this structure in Simon’s workshop.

Non-Profit Storytelling

Given there IS a formula for success, why aren’t more non-profits  – who need to enrol donors, government & corporates on a teeny-weeny marketing budget, using it? The vast majority non-profits rely on out of date ‘ask’ methods that actually switch off the ‘emotive’ part of the brain – the very part you want to tickle & excite! Even when the ‘ask’ is framed within a story about a person, it often fails to resonate because it lacks the vital structure or critical components.  You’ll learn about the critical components in our workshop.

Corporate Storytelling

It’s much the same for corporates & brands, who continue to pump out detail-ridden, stat-heavy, mind-numbing CSR reports that no-ones reading (aside perhaps, from a stakeholder with a strong self-interest).  A company’s CSR & Social Good activity fits The Hero’s Journey like a glove, but many companies are so risk averse they fail to embrace the successful formula to tell their story.  Because the story involves virtues like vulnerability and struggle, something many traditional corporates shy away from.  This is why so many purpose-driven enterprises like Thank You, Patagonia and Toms (to name a few) are cutting through the noise and gaining loyal consumers and followers who in turn become their (free) communication channel.

Oatsy-Wan Kenobi

In the story formula The Hero’s Journey, there’s always a vulnerable Hero (often an orphan), that wants to heal a broken world. Think Frodo, Dorothy, Luke Skywalker, Nero and Jon Snow (if you don’t know the last one, you know nothing)! At some point the reluctant Hero meets a mentor (grey wizard, good witch, Obi-Wan, Tyrion) who provides a gift to help the Hero fight the villains – a special mithril vest, spangled red shoes, lightsaber, wisdom & knowledge.

Simon Oats is MY mentor and he’s helped me to battle my inner demons and share my message on huge stages that previously I’d avoid. Here’s why Simon is the best person to take you by the hand and get you on the yellow brick road to successful storytelling:

  • 20 years as a performer and teacher: working with some of the toughest audiences (teenagers), a sell-out original show ‘Something in the Air’ with Michael Veitch, critically acclaimed self-penned musical Orpheus and improv genius
  • Helped non-profits including Oxfam, Fighting Chance & Sea Shepherd craft compelling stories, impacting enrolment like never before
  • Helped Westpac and IAG tell their social good story

The Force is within him, and now he’s inviting you to learn the way

You get me, too!

  • For 23 years I’ve led Cavill + Co, Australia’s most enduring and prolific matchmaker of 50 corporate-cause partnerships
  • We’ve done this for corporate giants like Mondelez, Disney, Vodafone, AMP, Pfizer and SEEK to name a few
  • Numerous non-profits have successfully secured corporate partners as a result of our coaching, including Fred Hollows Foundation, PetRescue, MCRI and Lifeline
  • These partnerships have seen more $ flow into medical research, guide dog training, campaigns to raise awareness of social violence and mental illness, programs halving toddler drowning.
  • For Corporates, these partnerships have helped to motivate & retain staff, demonstrate what the company/brand stands for, differentiate, build trust, resonate with consumers
  • Prior to founding Cavill + Co, I worked in PR, marketing & Media in London – communication is in my veins

I’m happiest when working with people who care about the world and are up for making change

We Get YOU!

  • Simon and I get social good warriors. We understand that you’re battling an old broken system that focuses on profit rather than purpose, on pumping out marketing messages rather than engaging via story
  • We’re both open-hearted humans who stand for professionalism, integrity around structure, rigour and rehearsal, and being prepared to do the work

If we sound like the kind of people you’d like to hang with for a day, learn heaps and importantly have fun (they go hand in hand in my book) then that’s awesome, there’s two workshops coming to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and one of the 20 seats has your name on it.

Learn the art of powerful storytelling – for non-profits, social enterprises & agencies

In this one day, intensive workshop, hosted by the wonderful people at Westpac, you will learn & take-away:

  • A simple, practical & successful structure for mapping out your story (Founders story or beneficiary story)
  • The cutting-edge neuroscience of storytelling and what kinds of stories deeply resonate and influence behaviour (and what kinds turn people off)
  • Work with and take-away Templates for sourcing and crafting neurologically targeted stories – use them to teach your colleagues
  • A fleshed out emotionally real protagonist (Luke Skywalker) and antagonist (Darth Vader)
  • The big ugly problem your audience will want to join you in fighting
  • Real-life masterclassing with willing participants

Learn the art of powerful storytelling – for corporate CSR & sustainability professionals & agencies

In this one day, intensive workshop, hosted by the wonderful people at Westpac, you will learn & take-away:

  • A simple, practical & successful structure for mapping out your CSR / Social Good story
  • The cutting-edge neuroscience of storytelling and what kinds of stories deeply resonate and influence behaviour (and what kinds turn people off)
  • Work with and take-away Templates for sourcing and crafting neurologically targeted stories – use them to teach your colleagues
  • A fleshed out emotionally real protagonist (Dorothy) and antagonist (Wicked Witch)
  • The big ugly problem your audience will want to join you in fighting
  • Real-life masterclassing with willing participants
  • Real world case-study examination

Watch Simon’s Corporate Webinar


Storytelling Workshop


Watch Simon’s Non Profit Webinar


Discover the Hero’s Journey


Attendance Requirement

The workshop is hands on. It involves group work and 1:1 coaching. It is available to a maximum of 20 guests. We recommend that two people from your organisation attend together to assist you to embed the process within your organisation after the workshop (and there’s a 20% discount to encourage you to do this). Invite the communications experts that advise you – advertising, PR & digital agencies, fundraising consultants all welcome. When you’re learning to fly a new ship, it’s more fun having a Wookiee co-pilot than flying Solo. Sorry, just couldn’t resist that one!

The workshop includes morning & arvo tea.

You WILL be required to prepare prior to the workshop and bring your real-life stories to the room. We will then help you to plan, structure and share them. Lack of adequate preparation will impact how much you get out of it.

Are you ready to do the work?

Your message is important, it matters.

We can help you to identify the best stories, but we need to come with an open mind, a willingness to be coached, embrace imperfection & vulnerability, with sleeves rolled up ready to work. Come ready to collaborate, play and tell more effective stories. Because when you share your story, people will want to come on that journey with you, and in all the best stories, the superheroes (and heroines) can’t do it alone. Your message is important, it matters.

When, Where and Investment

Workshops are from 10:00am – 4.30pm (9:45am sharp for registration).

Non-Profits / Agencies:

Melbourne – 17 July | Sydney – 31 July | Brisbane – 5 August (CANCELLED)


Corporates / Agencies:

Sydney – 1 August (CLOSED) | Brisbane – 6 August (CANCELLED)


Investment:  $450 + GST


20% DISCOUNT IF BOOKING FOR 2 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME (automatically applied at checkout. And yes, if you register 2 people within the early bird you get the double delight discount)

Got a question?

Send us a note here if you have any questions about the workshops.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear success stories from other non-profits, social enterprises & corporates:


We gained a $40K partnership the day after our session!

Joel Pilgrim, CEO, Waves of Wellness Foundation

A useful and powerful structure. The magic was Simon’s ability to help our people break down their stories into component parts, build them back up again and deliver with confidence

Daniel Murray, former Senior Manager, IAG Foundation

The training was so successful that we ran three further courses in the following year

Mike Janssen, former GM of Mental Health Recovery, EACH

You can spend years panning for gold dust or you can work with Simon for a day who will help you uncover your own gold nugget. We all have a story to tell, and when you nail it, it’s the best feeling in the world, especially when that story positively impacts the lives of many others

Brendan Hopp, Director, The Fundraising Group/School Fun Run

Through our work with Simon we created a very different video to accompany an appeal – the result being double the usual income!

Lisa Rossi, Fundraising Marketing & Outreach Manager, Sea Shepherd Australia

I’ve never been comfortable on camera and I hate salesy videos, but I wanted something for my website that explained my philosophy. On first showing I won a $40k client. Simon is a master storyteller, highly recommended

Tyrone Jaspers, Artisan Builder & Sculptor

On every level, Simon is a joy to work with – greatly skilled, highly creative, ethical and with a deep & innate understanding of people - superb

Michael Veitch, Author, Actor & Broadcaster

Simon Oats is a fantastic and inspiring teacher. I didn’t want to leave – more please!

Christine Brown, Executive Coach and Manager of Learning and Development at Vision Super