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Learning about corporate-cause partnerships

Preparing for corporate-cause partnerships

Corporate-partner ready


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Everything we do is based on a robust, tried and tested process called HeartSmart®.


We have refined the HeartSmart® process over more than 22 years.

It is the foundation for everything we do, because we know it works. Only after you have undertaken our training and fully embraced the HeartSmart® process, are we able to work in a consultancy/brokerage capacity with your organisation.

So if you haven’t embraced HeartSmart®, we’re unable to find partners or sponsors for you.

Why? Because you are not ready, it will waste you a fortune and you will only be borrowing our skills, not building your own.

We prefer that you adopt our process, teach your people and do it yourself – thus building your own capacity.


You will achieve have a much better chance of success when you are partner ready. It is far more affordable and you upskill your people so that they can do it again and again, and, teach others. Makes sense?

When you’ve spent 22 years honing your craft as we have, you know what works and what doesn’t. Our day-to-day work with the For Profit sector keeps us on our toes, current and attuned to what they want, and that flows to you through our training and the HeartSmart® process, updated monthly.

As an early adopter of mutual benefit partnerships with 22 years’ standing, we have a great deal to share and we are committed to educating the For Purpose sector through webinars, speaking at conferences and regular training at a range of affordable price points.

Learn the recipe for corporate partnership success.

Seminars Sydney & Melbourne October & November 2017.


purpose_preparing_circleHeartSmart® program – implementation

An intensive program where we hold your hand as you implement the HeartSmart® process within your organisation. 8 months of preparation + 4 months of pitching. Commences June each year, closing date April.

We’ve upskilled over 85 organisations through this program including Fred Hollows Foundation, Lifeline Australia, Oxfam Australia, Relationships Australia, Benevolent Society, Planet Ark, Neura Australia, Girl Guides Australia, The Mirabel Foundation, Stroke Foundation, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, CanTeen, Brightwater, The Salvos, Landcare, Reach Out, CCIA, Kidsafe, Greening Australia, Step Back Think, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute to name a few.


Companies seeking community partners


purpose_preparing_circleTraining & Workshops

We run training & workshops for organisations that want to upskill their team leaders and prepare for corporate partnership success.

These include a 1 day corporate partnership workshop tailored exclusively for your organisation and each year we run Breakfast seminars in each State for you and your team who are keen to understand the power of corporate partnerships and learn our model.

We’ve worked with YMCA, PWC, Kidsafe, Variety, Guide Dogs Australia, Ability First Australia to run tailored workshops.


1-Day Storytelling Workshop with Simon Oats – Melbourne & Sydney

Melbourne - 27 October Sydney - 31 October

purpose_learning_circle Free Stuff

If you are new to corporate partnerships we have a range of free offerings to help you get inspired! Free webinars, free slideshows, free research, free media articles and much more. We want you to be sure that this strategy is right for your organisation before you start spending hard earned cash on training.


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If you’ve embraced HeartSmart®, we’ll be delighted to provide mentorship or hands on help to finesse your approach and secure partnerships. The minimum purchase is 1 day.

We’ve done this for Hello Sunday Morning, Benevolent Society, Oxfam Australia, CanTeen, Fred Hollows Foundation, Lifeline Australia, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute,Girl Guides Australia and many more.


purpose_learning_circle Provocative Speaker

Book Hailey for your next conference to provoke, educate, inspire and entertain your audience. She educates non-profits on why corporates provide so much more than just cash, and how a corporate partner can transform your organisation.

Bringing real world experience and anecdotes from her successful business of 22 years’ standing, Hailey is an unscripted ‘natural’ who speaks with authority and vitality on the topic that inspires her most – making a contribution to society.


DoGooding® campaign – the power of altruism