HARD COPY BOOK: Talking the Walk®2 – How to tell your social good story to resonate with millennials

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2018 was defined by social uprisings against corporate greed, fake news and unsurprisingly the most used word was TOXIC.  In this radically revised 2nd edition we advise how companies and brands who are doing good can separate themselves from the basket of rotten apples. We’ve summarised over 30 research reports including new unpublished Australian research by Di Marzio which reveals unprecedented levels of boycott.

150pp book includes summary of all research, what it all means for corporate communicators, 12 best practice guidelines and a new model for communication.

Purchase includes free access to the Talking The Walk® Resource Centre where all research reports sit.

Book printed on certified recycled paper, and there are a limited number of hard copies.  Price includes posted within Australia, express post.

Books will be posted in May 2019.

There is also an e-book.

Important request before you complete your purchase

A great deal of time and money has gone into creating this Report and Resource Centre, so please respect the IP contained within them. We request that you don’t share your copy of the report or the TTW2 Resource Centre password/login with other people.


10 reviews for HARD COPY BOOK: Talking the Walk®2 – How to tell your social good story to resonate with millennials

  1. Patricia Scheetz

    It takes a truly talented and knowledgeable person to make 140-page report interesting, but Hailey, you’ve done it! As the CEO of a charity, wading through the seemingly complex world of CSR is nothing short of daunting, yet this report explains it so well, arming us with useful knowledge to present to potential corporate partners about communicating their CSR and social good. An insightful, engaging and game-changing read for any Corporate Communications team.

  2. Dora Nikols

    The insights in this report are brilliant. The report has effectively analysed the most critical data relevant to the Australian market which makes a strong case for promoting your CSR efforts and also provides a guide on how to authentically communicate your social good so you win the hearts, minds and emotions of your audience. I highly recommend this report as a tool for any communication department who wants to effectively and authentically communicate the good they are doing.

  3. Danni Price

    An extensive amount of valuable information in this book that was well thought of and researched by Hailey and her team. The resource centre that comes with the purchase has a wealth of information in all different forms, and I found that being Australian based and current, I could really relate.
    A great read for any business that is already practising CSR or thinking about it!

  4. Lia Harman (verified owner)

    Brilliant and insightful interpretation of data……I know as a consumer the behaviour of a company dictates whether I buy from that company, and yet we often don’t know what this company is about beyond its advertising. Great value and the Resource centre has a wealth of valuable information

  5. Lachlan Ewers – Customer Optimisation – National Australia Bank

    The power has shifted to the people. This report succinctly discusses the need for the communication of CSR & Social Good to adapt, and guides you on how to do it.

  6. Geoffrey Nevill – Marketing Sponsorship Manager – Caltex Australia

    “There is a wealth of information online about Corporate Social Responsibility however it tends to be dated, non-Australian specific and at times contradictory. This report truncates a wealth of research and information and when combined with new bespoke research provides one meaty consistent report. It is easy to read and apply plus boldly suggests a new path forward for communicating CSR. Corporate early adopters of this report will reap the benefits! “

  7. Kim Di Marzio – Director – Di Marzio Research

    “A fantastic piece of work Hailey. You have really practised what you preach with Talking the Walk exemplifying beautifully the difference that understanding, effort, substance and communication make to effective CSR. Most important, the report highlights the HOW TO of CSR for corporates and those clear guidelines together with the Hero’s story pull everything together so well.”

  8. Catherine Moolenschot – Author and Speaker, founder of Inspire Greatness

    “Normally when someone says ‘report’ I glaze over – not only did I love reading Talking the Walk – I couldn’t put it down! Hailey has synthesised a crazy amount of information into an engaging, illuminating, fascinating read. I hope ALL corporates and businesses read and implement this, it’s such a shame they don’t effectively communicate the good they do! I am honestly blown away by the information Hailey shares, and am even more amazed by how enjoyable it was to read! Hailey is a master writer.”

  9. Bernard Salt AM, MD, The Demographics Group

    “Well isn’t this a timely publication? The second edition of Talking the Walk® by British ex-pat PR-guru Hailey Cavill-Jaspers is a collaboration between the author, various corporate partners and a research house designed to provide updated insights into the vexed, and becoming more vexed by the day, world of CSR. Hailey has a PR guru’s eye for communication, an entertainingly pithy ability to encapsulate what is needed. Here is a work that is a symphony of bits & pieces of data, quotes & insights all drawn together. It’s a smorgasbord of CSR served up in delectable bite-sized pieces tempting you to dive in at any point to savour a morsel and move on.”

  10. David Cooke – Managing Director, Konica Minolta

    In Talking the Walk you’ve done all the heavy lifting for us. We can lose our life on Google or we can find all the relevant data in your report – thanks for your gift to the rest of us.

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