Talking About Our Generations – X, Y, KIPPERS & PUMCINS revealed – Report (2018)

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Yep we’ve all been there! Talk turns to how to target/market/woo a particular sub-set of our Aussie population – we either pipe up with our opinion (& start a debate) or go quiet because we’ve no idea what they’re talking about and who wants to look DIPPY!

There’s much written about avocado-eating Gen Y (also known as Millennials) to suggest they are indulgent and selfish, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. This 24 pp report, updated October 2018, details each generation’s age, influences, values, attitudes to CSR, giving habits & has all the marketer’s jargon – deciphered.

For less than the price of smashed avo on toast, you can become enlightened!


4 reviews for Talking About Our Generations – X, Y, KIPPERS & PUMCINS revealed – Report (2018)

  1. Ann Roberts Graphic Design

    This is a great resource for everyone in marketing and communication. It specifically outlines important stats and values of each generation so you can get your message out there, in the right place, context, and language.

  2. Leon Gettler

    Talking About Generations brought to you by Cavill + Co with the help of Di Marzio Research is a handy guide for non-profits looking to connect across the generations.
    The book looks at how to connect with all the generations: pre-boomers (72 +) to Gen Alpha (those born after 2010)
    IT explains their different traits and their journeys with boomers being shaped by the Vietnam war, Civil Rights movement and the sexual revolution to Generation Z which was born with a smart phone on their umbilical cord
    It gives snapshots of each generation, the economic drivers, their values, attitudes, strengths, lifestyles, influences and personalities
    But critically for non-profits, it also highlights their attitudes to giving, to charities and CSR and to volunteering their time to a charity.
    It’s perfect for non-profits wanting to make meaningful and long term connections.

  3. Sharon Sherry, FSC

    What a great tool Cavill + Co has come up with in clearly identifying the various generations.

    It’s a tool we can use on how best to communicate to get a message across in a meaningful and relevant way.

    It’s also a little bit of fun to identify yourself in the new acronyms!

  4. Narelle Curtis, BetEasy

    Essential reading for CSR and Communications professionals wanting to better understand and engage with their audience. This quick reference booklet provides a tonne of insights for each generation – their unique attributes , attitudes and preferences – helping you predict the most effective ways to resonate with them.

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