Pitch Clinic – Sydney (12 Nov) – For purpose driven organisations (non-profits & social enterprises)

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In this ½ day session with Hailey Cavill-Jaspers you’ll learn a simple structure for content, the neuroscience of storytelling, 5 elements of a good pitch, in a safe space! Your skill & confidence will increase substantially. Banish that fear! Last clinics for 2019. You’ll be required to come with a real-world pitch scenario, and we’ll help you design & plan it. It would be ideal for 2 people from the same organisation to attend.

$220 + GST for 1 person, or

$400 + GST for 2 people from the same organisation (that’s a 12% discount!)

Sydney – 12 November:    9:30am – 1:00pm

CBD venue

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You will be required to do preparation prior to the workshop and bring your real-world pitch scenario, or a draft presentation, to the day. Lack of adequate preparation will make it very difficult for you to participate.

Please note that we are only able to accept payments by VISA and MasterCard.

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19 reviews for Pitch Clinic – Sydney (12 Nov) – For purpose driven organisations (non-profits & social enterprises)

  1. Priscilla Leong, Corporate Coordinator, Australian Cancer Research Foundation

    After the Pitch Clinic, I now know I need to practice, practice, practice! I loved working with the other participants and learnt just as much from helping them. Thank you Hailey for an Informative, Inspirational and thought-provoking workshop

  2. Belinda Woodruff, Transitional Employment Manager – Good Cycles

    An informative workshop that has excellent content and delivery. I loved the power of storytelling and how to break down the story structure for the audience. Highly recommend.

  3. Diala Barsoum, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach ,Essential Courage

    The Pitch Clinic was fun, engaging and practical. I loved having the time to create the structure and share it with others.

  4. Zoë Black , CEO, Happy Paws Happy Hearts

    I learned some excellent storytelling techniques, as well as gaining some fabulous tools to use from listening to stories told using those techniques.

  5. Olivia Lucas, Project Officer for Collective Impact, Burnie works

    What an engaging, informative and entertaining workshop. The content and delivery were excellent and now I have got a good structure for future presentations.

  6. Lauren Hill

    Hailey is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about helping you craft your unique story. Her Pitch Clinic is high energy and provides valuable resources for pitch planning. Now to practice painting pictures with words!

  7. Saira Champion, Manager Engagement Development, Playgroup Australia

    I found the Pitch Clinic to be practical, informative and I loved Hailey’s honesty about the realities and challenges of speaking publicly.

  8. Lois Dillon, Social Enterprise Operations Manager, Mates on the move

    Hailey was authentic and did a fantastic job with teaching us to connect to a pitch emotionally with planning and confidence. The workshop exceeded my expectations!

  9. Russell Scheetz, Director at The Sweetest Gift

    After attending the Cavill Pitch Clinic, I now feel I have a great structure in place and with a little rehearsing of my pitch, I feel confident that I can nail it! It was an engaging, informative and succinct day with great guest speakers who taught me a lot.

  10. Tiffany De Sousa Machado, founder, Village

    I loved how fun and engaging the pitch clinic was and I now have an excellent structure for my next presentation.

  11. Olivia Webster, Sustainability Analyst, Westpac

    I loved listening to the stories during Cavill + Co’s Pitch Clinic. I learnt that stories are everything! The workshop was fun, engaging and aspirational.

  12. Danielle Hodgson, Donor Engagement Officer, Miracle Babies Foundation

    Cavill + Co’s Pitch Clinic was practical, inspiring with fantastic content and delivery. I loved the power of storytelling, especially by the guest speakers and mentors.

  13. Will Mateu, Business Development Manager at Financial Services Council

    I found the storytelling in the Cavill + Co Pitch Clinic to be so valuable. It was an informative, safe and engaging place to be and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to perfect their pitch.

  14. Sonia Freston, Community & Administration Officer, Miracle Babies Foundation

    I found the Cavill + Co Pitch Clinic to be interesting & informative. I learned how to tell a story to capture people’s attention, as well as the neuroscience showing the motivation of giving. The guest speakers were definitely a highlight and I loved hearing their stories.

  15. Leigh Zimmermann, Events, Community & Corporate Fundraising Manager at Australia for UNHCR

    The Pitch Clinic was a safe place to be. I learned how hugely important storytelling is and saw this first hand by listening to Laura’s emotional story which I really connected to. A great ,valuable workshop.

  16. Patricia Scheetz, CEO at The Sweetest Gift

    I learnt so much about the power of a great story and how to structure a pitch for different lengths & audiences at the Cavill + Co Pitch Clinic. It was an enlightening and educational experience with engaging storytellers.

  17. Michelle Davidov, Manager, Project AWARE

    I felt completely safe in this well structured and helpful Pitch Clinic. Working with a mentor who provided honest and neutral feedback was a highlight.

  18. Deb Myers, Operations Manager, APY Art Centre Collective

    The pitch clinic was well structured, useful and very entertaining.

  19. Rhonda Chrisanthou, Visual arts educator, Kaiela Arts Shepparton

    Hailey provided a really good background and understanding of pitch strategies. Hailey’s workshop was well supported by professional pitchers!

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