1/2 Day Pitch Coaching to refine & rehearse your Pitch

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+ GST + expenses (if outside of Melbourne – travel, accommodation etc)

In this 3-hour Session With Hailey Cavill-Jaspers you will receive 1:1 feedback on your Pitch from one of Australia’s most experienced Pitch Coaches. This could be prior to that all-important meeting where you’re pitching a new idea, presentation to a corporate prospect for a partnership or sponsorship or an upcoming crowd-funding event. You will be required to come to the session with a pre-existing pitch. Up to 3 people but 1 pitch. Not groups.

Upon purchase a Cavill + Co team member will be in touch to schedule the location and date.

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3 reviews for 1/2 Day Pitch Coaching to refine & rehearse your Pitch

  1. Kerry

    I found a rehearsal with Hailey was incredibly useful. I went in thinking I knew my stuff and how to present it … but soon learned things can fall apart under ‘real word’ Conditions. Technical issues, unexpected questions and time pressures can all interrupt your prepared presentation but Hailey has the tips, tricks and advice to get you through even the trickiest situations. You’ll go into a boardroom ready to knock their socks off.

  2. Priscilla

    Having your presentation prepared is just the half of it, being pitch ready requires lots of rehearsing and practice. Hailey’s coaching and guidance will help you refine your presentation and build your confidence. A truly worthwhile experience. You’ll walk out of Hailey’s session ready to nail your pitch presentation!

  3. Tara

    There is presenting and giving a pitch that drives people to action. Getting in front of a corporate is tough so you do not want to waste that opportunity. Knowing your stuff is just not enough. When I presented to Hailey she rightly pulled it apart, broke it down and we rebuilt it. I felt confident, empowered and ready to go following my half day with Hailey.
    My proposal was better than ever and Hailey’s common sense approach was eye opening. She really made me see it from the other side instead of what I thought a corporate wanted.
    If you think you are ready to approach a corporate for support, try the half day pitching and put yourself to the test. Ready or not it is money very well spent.

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