Corporate Partnership Organisational Readiness Infographic (for NPOs)

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Free! A corporate partner can deliver wonderful things to a non-profit, but success required your organisation to be ready. There are 7 attributes all non-profits need to be truly ready for corporate partnerships. Here they are in a simple infographic poster

Gorgeous colourful infographic poster sized 210mm x 459mm (big!).


3 reviews for Corporate Partnership Organisational Readiness Infographic (for NPOs)

  1. David Goldman

    Hailey has a wonderful and engaging way of making any workshop energised and informative. Her knowledge in this space is second to non and it was an absolute pleasure to learn from the master.

  2. Priscilla Leong

    An easy to understand and visual snapshot highlighting the key elements you need to becoming corporate partnership ready. Succinct and informative.

  3. Patricia Scheetz

    This infographic just works – it gets the message across succinctly, effectively and appeals to my aesthetic learning style. A wonderfully easy checklist before embarking on the corporate partnership journey.
    I don’t know how you do it, Hailey, but you make complex concepts so simple to understand, and this infographic is the perfect demonstration of this!

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