In 2014 Cavill + Co was engaged by Vodafone Foundation to help re-focus the Foundation’s activities. Working through our WholeHeart process a new platform– enabling charities to harness the power of mobile technology to create a healthier Australia –was established.

Foundation activities were reshaped and a new partner was sought.

Working through our HeartSmart® process, over 55 non-profits responded to the tender and ultimately two cause partners were chosen for a three year partnership.  One of them was Hello Sunday Morning.

Hello Sunday Morning is a young, dynamic web-driven non-profit that is changing Australia’s relationship to alcohol.  To continue their rapid growth & enhance their impact they needed to get their award-winning web program into the hands of young people – and that meant a smart phone app.

Vodafone Foundation committed to donate more than $300,000 over 3 years to support the development of HSM’s technology, including a new Smartphone app.

Working with Alyssa at the Vodafone Foundation was an absolute joy, and to see the impact that HSM and their app is already having on the lives of young Australians is exhilarating. I have had the privilege of working with GM Jamie Moore and HSM’s Founder Chris Raine – inspiring, dynamic young men who are dedicating their lives to help us become more aware of our relationship to alcohol. Personally the learnings from the HSM program have positively impacted me - I now I turn to massages and exercise instead of alcohol for stress relief!

I am excited by the potential of this partnership especially given that Vodafone Foundation’s purpose aligns to what HSM are trying to achieve – the provision of world-class technology that changes the drinking culture. And knowing how rigorous HSM is in their measurement, we’ll know very clearly the impact that this partnership has had. I can’t wait to see what they achieve after 2 more years. It’s a brilliant fit on a number of levels – target market, brand personality, culture, messaging.

Hailey Cavill

My first goal at the Vodafone Foundation was to redefine our strategy & purpose - to invest in causes that were aligned to our values and appealing to our stakeholders. I turned to Cavill + Co for their 19 years of experience. We brought a new level of focus to the Foundation’s activities and created new purpose - enabling charities to harness the power of mobile technology to improve the health and well-being of Australians.

Through Hailey’s HeartSmart® process we found two amazing long term partners that aligned to this purpose. Hailey’s wise counsel was invaluable - she has a robust, tried and tested process that gets results. She has a refreshing straight-up attitude, but also open to new ideas and perspectives. Highly recommended.

Alyssa Jones, Head of Vodafone Foundation