In 1999 Cavill + Co was engaged by SEEK to guide them through our HeartSmart® process. They were looking for a cause partnership that would make systemic change, enhance the Seek brand, utilise staff expertise and motivate them.

In 2000, we partnered SEEK with Volunteering Australia who had been wanting to create an on-line volunteering portal to provide a fast and efficient way for Gen Y to contribute their skills to society –but didn’t have the expertise or the cash to do it.

Volunteering Australia had been in discussion with Boston Consulting Group, who came on board as a 3rd and critical partner, to manage the daunting task of launching a new website matching consumers to charities.

In late 2000, in time for the International year of Volunteer in 2001, SEEK Volunteer was launched.


Seek Volunteer billboard

Seek Volunteer publicity

This is such an exciting initiative for SEEK. It achieves so many of our objectives. Not only does it utilise our core area of expertise, but it fits so perfectly with our brand. It will achieve our objectives of differentiation and gaining positive publicity, it has generated a real team spirit and sense of pride with our employees, and best of all we’re making a really positive difference in the world. We’re really proud of this program. And we couldn’t have done it without Cavill + Co.

Katie May, Former Marketing Director, SEEK Ltd

Back in 1999 SEEK was a small, lean start up founded by 2 guys in their garage…and it was early days of the .com boom. They were the challenger brand to the 2 dominant websites, Monster and CareerOne. What they lacked in financial investment, they more than made up for in enthusiasm and vision. They couldn’t write a big cheque, but they had a talented team of website developers, a great partner in Volunteering Australia who brought on board BCG Consulting, and they had a strong commitment to create a partnership that transformed the face of volunteering..a commitment that has continued to this day, surviving numerous staff changes, new owners and shifts in strategy. This is a brilliant example of how a partnership that is based on strong synergy, commitment and aligned to strategy survives for the long haul. I am very proud to have played my role in the very early days

Hailey Cavill