Hailey Cavill-Jaspers – Pitch Coach

What qualifies Hailey to be your Pitch Coach? 24 years as a business owner (which involves pitching on a daily basis) a 40-year career in marketing & media in London & Australia, a social entrepreneur & corporate partnerships pioneer, big stage speaker & experienced trainer.

Hailey excels at adapting real world experience into time-saving processes for both non-profit/social enterprise & corporate audiences. She’s created a robust process for non-profits to secure corporate partnerships (HeartSmart®) which over 13 years has enabled hundreds of non-profits to secure multi-million-dollar partnerships. She’s guided corporates such as Disney, Vodafone, SEEK, Mondelez and Carman’s through her process for finding & securing a non-profit partner. And now she has created a simple, adaptable, step by step formula for captivating audiences so that they pay attention and act.

Having brokered over 50 corporate-cause partnerships investing over $40m into the social sector, 1,000 pitches, facilitating over 700 workshops & seminars and a few tv gigs, Hailey Cavill-Jaspers has now added PITCH COACHING to her repertoire of offerings.  After trialling her first pitch clinic in Melbourne in November 2018 and running two Pitch Clinics for Westpac Foundation’s scholars in November 2018, she has since refined the process and has run Pitch Clinics in 2019 for social entrepreneurs & non-profits, change-makers and any organisation or network that is a catalyst for social change.

Pitch Clinics 2020

We’re done pitching for the year and new events for 2020 will be posted in the new year.


Thank you for such an informative and empowering workshop. Everyone present had such incredible stories and ambition, I've never shared space with so many inspiring people before!

So very grateful and humbled to be there.

Lawrence Toye, Fundraising Officer, Fighting Chance

Develop your approach through trial and error over many years, or work it out in a few hours in one of Cavill + Co's workshops!

Glen Cormich, BDM, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute

Getting feedback from Simon and Hailey was like redbull for my presentation. Together they helped me to hone the content and perfect the ‘flow’. Simon’s performance skills helped me to harness my voice & posture to energise and when to pause for effect. Hailey’s knowledge of corporates helped me to nail what to include and more importantly what to leave out. Now I am far more confident when presenting – not just to prospective corporate partners but my Board and influential government leaders. Grab the opportunity to spend a day with Hailey & Simon – it will transform the way you present and increase your success rate for securing partners.

Jamie Moore, GM, Hello Sunday Morning

Getting feedback from Simon and Hailey really boosted my confidence. Together they helped me to convey what can be very complicated and dry information in a far more entertaining way. Simon’s storytelling skills helped me to really engage and create emotion through story and Hailey’s knowledge of corporates helped me to better understand how to connect our story to corporates marketing objectives. Now I am far more confident when presenting – not just to prospective corporate partners but my Board and researchers at Neura. The skills I have learned will not only enable me to present to marketers, CSR managers and corporate CEO’s with confidence, but will stay with me for ever.

Stephanie Grove, NeuRA Foundation Manager, Neuroscience Research Australia

Hailey is one very culturally sensitive person and has an amazing way to communicate. Not only has she the “charisma” but she has a wonderful “character” to go with it. It has been a privilege to meet her. She has touched my life and I have grown.

Peter Allfrey, Support Liaison, The Selwyn Foundation