We’re done pitching for the year and new events for 2020 will be posted in the new year.


Pitch Clinic for Purpose Driven Organisations

Hello, I’m Hailey Cavill-Jaspers and I’m your Pitch Coach.

The work you do is very important. As a social entrepreneur or someone that leads or works for a non-profit / social enterprise, you’re the torch bearer for social good and a better world. So, getting your message right with delivery that inspires people and organisations to act – give, lobby, partner, volunteer – is crucial. It’s vital. It’s paramount.

When was the last time you spoke publicly to potential donors, investors or corporate partners about your cause or charity?

It’s all about making the perfect pitch.

As much as we might think digital is where it’s at, the best enrolment is face to face. Whilst the noise of likes and swipes becomes deafening, many of the big deals are being done face to face, human to human.

Here’s the thing. Whether you’re enrolling the Board to new ideas, inviting corporates to partner or sponsor, live crowdfunding, that seemingly innocuous coffee meeting with a minister, or crafting a video for your next campaign – you are, in effect, pitching. Your life may not depend on it, but someone else’s may.

So, let’s cut to the chase. HOW GOOD ARE YOU AT PITCHING?


How fear perpetuates fear

The sad fact is, many of us fear the idea of pitching or presenting. The result: we avoid putting our hand up for it, we dodge tackling it, we recoil from rehearsing it – and then we end up winging it. And that is absolutely the worst thing you can do, because, let me tell you, from experience, your body will repay you in the most embarrassing ways!

Early days….oh very embarrassing. I’ve done the deer in headlights, the nervous flush that transformed me into beetroot woman and one very memorable time, I had to leave the stage mid presentation for the loo. Thankfully I had a 4-minute video and the loo was close!

If you’re lucky, your body’s response will be limited to ‘butterflies’ in the stomach, galloping heart rate and mouth like the Sahara Desert. After 30 years of running workshops, boardroom pitching and presenting on big stages, I STILL experience the butterflies. On a good day, I’ll channel that nervous energy into my performance. On a bad day my voice will rise to Minnie Mouse levels.

Juggling act

All this is completely natural.  Annoying. But natural.  It’s called the Fight or Flight response. Because you’re vulnerable and there is risk involved your brain sees ‘threat’ and triggers adrenalin so that you’re primed to run the hell away!

But there is a way to channel that adrenalin and use it to your advantage.

Remember this: when you pitch you’re putting on a show.  And you’ve got to multitask – remember your key message, manage props or technology, keep to time (which speeds up).  You have to keep your voice steady, manage your rhythm and so on.

But don’t worry, there is a simple formula that you can learn that will increase your confidence ten-fold and have you saying yes to every pitch opportunity.  Now how does that sound?

The ability to prepare and deliver a successful pitch is no longer a skill for just ad agencies and performers.  It’s a vital skill for any non-profit that has to secure income or gain support for an idea.  And there is no better idea than something that improves the world as your charity does.

I learned some excellent storytelling techniques, as well as gaining some fabulous tools to use from listening to stories told using those techniques.

Zoë Black, CEO, Happy Paws Happy Hearts

Hailey provided a really good background and understanding of pitch strategies. Hailey’s workshop was well supported by professional pitchers!

Rhonda Chrisanthou, Visual Arts Educator, Kaiela Arts Shepparton

An informative workshop that has excellent content and delivery. I loved the power of storytelling and how to break down the story structure for the audience. Highly recommend.

Belinda Woodruff, Transitional Employment Manager - Good Cycles

The pitch clinic was well structured, useful and very entertaining.

Deb Myers, Operations Manager, APY Art Centre Collective

Why me?

You might be wondering why I’m the best person to take you by the hand and get you pitch ready. So here’s a little about me.

At the coalface of pitching

  • For 24 years I’ve led Cavill + Co, arguably Australia’s most successful and experienced matchmaker of corporate-cause partnerships
  • I’ve built 50 partnerships investing over $40m into charities just like yours
  • We’ve done this for corporate giants like Mondelez (they own Cadbury’s), Disney, Vodafone, AMP, Pfizer, SEEK to name a few
  • This has seen more $ flow into medical research, guide dog training, campaigns for reducing alcohol consumption, social violence and mental illness, campaigns that have halved toddler drowning, new digital help lines, new volunteer sites, new programs, more counsellors and so on
  • We’ve pitched over 1,000 times to win clients
  • I have coached the shortlisted charities (top 5) to a winning outcome
  • Whilst all our pitches were not successful, we’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t, we share that lived experience as well as robust theory
  • Winners that we’ve coached include Big Brothers Big Sisters (who landed the $1m partnership with Disney), Hello Sunday Morning (Vodafone), MCRI (Snooze, Vaalia, Johnson’s Baby, SPC), Pet Rescue, Step Back Think, Fred Hollows Foundation, Lifeline, Oxfam and many more
  • In 2006 we developed and launched a 10-step modular training program called HeartSmart® which teaches non-profits how to prepare for and secure corporate partnerships – an integral part of this is The Pitch, Module 6, which contains a formula and templates
  • Westpac Foundation’s go-to Pitch Coach
  • Prior to founding Cavill + Co I spent 12 years in London working for leading marketing & PR agencies including Burson-Marsteller, National Magazines (Cosmo and Company magazine) which involved numerous pitching to clients and management as well as finessing my communications skills
  • Adaptability is my middle name – I started out pitching with an A2 plastic folder (remember those?). That evolved to flip charts, overhead acetates and then PowerPoint.   Then came technology with Skype and webinar so I learned to talk to a screen with emoji’s for applause.  I’ve created countless videos for clients and my own business.  As the plague of death by PowerPoint spread, I embraced the new trend of storytelling

Professional speaker and fervent storyteller

  • Over 4 years I’ve immersed myself in the world of storytelling. I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching Joseph Campbell videos, in workshops with master storyteller Simon Oats & understanding the neuroscience behind it
  • I’ve run over 700 workshops, masterclasses, seminars & webinars for both non-profits and corporates,  I’m happiest when working with people who care about the world and are up for making change
  • I’ve backed myself by investing in retreats, workshops and coaching with some of Australia’s top speaking & performance experts
  • At the helm of Cavill + Co, I’ve presented to corporate, consumer and non-profit audiences at conferences in Holland, London, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve taken big risks. Like presenting ‘Better Than Sex’ at the CPA National Congress (tough audience, accountants!). Sharing the same stage as His Holiness the Dalai Lama at The Happiness Conference 2017 to an audience of 3,000 and this year I MC’d it.
  • I’ve done a few tv gigs including Gruen Transfer, a promo for nab and endured (but adored!) an 18-month shoot with Grand Designs Australia who followed my house build.  We made GD history by ending the episode naked in the bath!

I loved listening to the stories during Cavill + Co’s Pitch Clinic. I learnt that stories are everything! The workshop was fun, engaging and aspirational.

Olivia Webster, Sustainability Analyst, Westpac

After the Pitch Clinic, I now know I need to practice, practice, practice! I loved working with the other participants and learnt just as much from helping them. Thank you Hailey for an Informative, Inspirational and thought-provoking workshop.

Priscilla Leong, Corporate Coordinator, Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Hailey was authentic and did a fantastic job with teaching us to connect to a pitch emotionally with planning and confidence. The workshop exceeded my expectations!

Lois Dillon, Social Enterprise Operations Manager, Mates on the Move

The Pitch Clinic was fun, engaging and practical. I loved having the time to create the structure and share it with others.

Diala Barsoum, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, Essential Courage

I loved how fun and engaging the pitch clinic was and I now have an excellent structure for my next presentation.

Tiffany De Sousa Machado, Founder, Village

I Get You!

  • I get social entrepreneurs – because I am one. I get that you’re different, that pitching a charity or cause isn’t the same as selling a car. But make no mistake it IS SELLING. You are making a pitch.
  • And if you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a woman. An open-hearted woman who stands for professionalism, straight talking and excellence. People call me ‘ruthless compassion’. I get the importance of authenticity, vulnerability & empathy when speaking as well as the importance of compassion when coaching. I get integrity around structure, rigour and rehearsal, and doing the work – I’m acutely aware that you have to do the work
  • If that doesn’t qualify me to be the best pitch coach for non-profits, all I can say is you’re a tough audience!

If I sound like the kind of person you could work with, awesome, there’s a clinic coming up that could be perfect for you.

The Pitch Clinic for Purpose Driven Organisations

In this half a day, intensive workshop, you will learn:

  • A simple, practical structure for managing thoughts & content
  • How to adapt this structure for your different audiences and pitch scenarios
  • The neuroscience of storytelling and why it’s the must-have skill for 2019 (content provided by Simon Oats, master storyteller – WATCH SIMON HERE)
  • 7 deadly sins: what not to do
  • The 5 elements of a good pitch
  • The rule of 3
  • Judging the line: confidence vs arrogance, scars not wounds, visuals v words, movement v stillness
  • Taming the butterflies & signposting

Pitch Clinic registration & fee includes optional and Free rehearsal of your Pitch, & feedback at one of 2 upcoming 2-hour ‘Pitch Check Ups’

Once you have all this handled, you can then focus on using your superpower – which of course is your own, unique personality.

View Hailey Pitch Coaching


View Hailey’s Story


Watch Hailey MC


Watch Hailey on The Gruen


Attendance Requirement

The workshop is hands on. It involves group work and 1:1 coaching.  It is available to only 14 guests.  We recommend that two people from your organisation attend together. When you’re learning to fly, it’s good to have a wing-buddy.

You will be required to do preparation prior to the workshop and bring your real-world pitch scenario, or a draft presentation, to the day. We will then help you to plan and structure it.  Lack of adequate preparation will make it very difficult for you to participate.


Are you the one for me?

I like to bring out your magic but I’m not a miracle worker. I cannot turn a porcupine into a panda. Nor can I transform a sloth into a Labrador. You need to come with an open mind, a willingness to be coached, sleeves rolled up ready to work and a desire to step into your power. In my workshop everyone’s hand is up. There’s no room for shrinking violets, performing seals or Curry-esk dominance. Come to listen, learn and play. And master how to pitch better. Because when you pitch better, you do good better.

And if there’s something the world needs more of, that’s good stuff.


When, Where and Investment

We’re done pitching for the year and new events for 2020 will be posted in the new year.


Pitch Check Ups – Rehearsal & Feedback

Pitch Clinic registration includes optional & FREE Pitch Check Up. This is an opportunity for you to share your Pitch and receive 1:1 feedback from Hailey on a 30 minute Skype call (to be scheduled within 1 month of the Pitch Clinic)

Thank you for such an informative and empowering workshop. Everyone present had such incredible stories and ambition, I've never shared space with so many inspiring people before!

So very grateful and humbled to be there.

Lawrence Toye, Fundraising Officer, Fighting Chance

Develop your approach through trial and error over many years, or work it out in a few hours in one of Cavill + Co workshops

Glen Cormich, BDM, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute

Getting feedback from Simon and Hailey was like redbull for my presentation. Together they helped me to hone the content and perfect the ‘flow’. Simon’s performance skills helped me to harness my voice & posture to energise and when to pause for effect. Hailey’s knowledge of corporates helped me to nail what to include and more importantly what to leave out. Now I am far more confident when presenting – not just to prospective corporate partners but my Board and influential government leaders. Grab the opportunity to spend a day with Hailey & Simon – it will transform the way you present and increase your success rate for securing partners.

Jamie Moore, GM, Hello Sunday Morning

Getting feedback from Simon and Hailey really boosted my confidence. Together they helped me to convey what can be very complicated and dry information in a far more entertaining way. Simon’s storytelling skills helped me to really engage and create emotion through story and Hailey’s knowledge of corporates helped me to better understand how to connect our story to corporates marketing objectives. Now I am far more confident when presenting – not just to prospective corporate partners but my Board and researchers at Neura. The skills I have learned will not only enable me to present to marketers, CSR managers and corporate CEO’s with confidence, but will stay with me for ever.

Stephanie Grove, NeuRA Foundation Manager, Neuroscience Research Australia

Hailey is one very culturally sensitive person and has an amazing way to communicate. Not only has she the “charisma” but she has a wonderful “character” to go with it. It has been a privilege to meet her. She has touched my life and I have grown.

Peter Allfrey, Support Liaison, The Selwyn Foundation