Step 1 – HeartSmart® Toolkit EOI Q&A

This Q&A is for organisations that wish to purchase a Toolkit only, as opposed to participating in the full 8-month program.  This Q&A is to be completed by the person that will be utilising the Toolkit and using it to embed a corporate partnerships strategy,as opposed to a senior manager or board member. Please read the HeartSmart® brochure carefully prior to completing this, understanding that you are about to express your interest in obtaining the Toolkit only, and not for the full whole program.

Sometimes organisations want to access Cavill + Co’s robust HeartSmart® process, along with the tools and templates, but implement it on their own and in their own timeframe.  This option is for highly motivated and disciplined people only, as it provides no support to keep you on track.  We will advise you honestly if you don’t believe this option is right for your organisation.

HeartSmart® Toolkit EOI Q&A

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