Step 1 – HeartSmart® Toolkit EOI Q&A

This Q&A should be completed by the person that will be driving the HeartSmart® process internally and producing the documents, as opposed to a senior manager or Board member.

Not all organisations are ready to undertake a robust, rigorous training program like HeartSmart®. You must be ‘organisationally ready’ to commence HeartSmart®, which then gets you ‘partner ready’. We are committed to ensuring that this product is right for you – after all it’s a big investment of your time and cash. This Q&A will help us to make an informed decision.

Whilst the process itself will provide numerous benefits to your organisation, for many it will result in a complete culture shift. For us, the only true measure of success is when you secure at least one corporate partner or sponsor as a result of following the process.

HeartSmart® Toolkit EOI Q&A

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