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HeartSmart® Program

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime


The HeartSmart® process is Australia’s best practice training & implementation program to upskill your fundraising team to prepare for, seek out and secure high value corporate partners and sponsors.  Tried & tested over 21 years, it has enabled previous students to secure over 30 partnerships.

The 8-month program commences in June 2017 with registration closing on 3 April.  You will be skilled, proud, self-assured & ready to pitch to corporates as equals in February 2018.

The 10-step process has been designed to have you ready at the optimum time to pitch to corporates.  This optimum time is February/March each year.


The HeartSmart® Program: The 8-month program commences in June 2017 with registration closing on 3 April.  The program includes a Toolkit, on-line support, Tutorials, chats with Hailey, 3 x 1 day workshops.  You will be skilled, proud, self-assured & ready to pitch to corporates as equals in February 2018. The investment is $9,950 + GST.

For 21 years we’ve been committed to empowering For Purpose organisations to partner with the For Profit sector in order to gain more untied funding, mass market exposure and access  significant corporate resources.

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Check out the brochure which contains details on how the program runs, why HeartSmart® works, what it costs, key dates, predictors for success and Frequently Asked Questions.

Free webinar ‘Discovering HeartSmart®’

Having read the brochure if you’d like to know more about the specifics of the program or have questions it’s best to register for a live webinar so Hailey can explain it in her inimitable way.


Discovery breakfasts February 2017

Register for one of our Discovery breakfasts coming to a State near you in February 2017. Learn about the power of partnerships and the HeartSmart® process.

HeartSmart® EOI

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You can apply now for the FULL program starting in June 2017 by completing the Program Q&A below.

Please complete the on-line Expression of Interest Q&A below and we’ll be in touch to discuss once we have it! Let us help you re-imagine your world with the most perfect corporate partners.


The HeartSmart® process is amazing. It’s a rare combination of sophistication & simplicity, process combined with creativity, ensuring that we don’t undersell our name, goodwill or assets but also ensuring that we deliver tangible value to our corporate partners. Prior to this we were operating within a limited sponsorship model. Now we are approaching the corporate world with a partnership hand outstretched - understanding their motivations, needs and language, at the same time without compromising our values.

Dr Narelle Curtis, (former) PR & Development Manager, MCRI

The HeartSmart® process has given us the tools to seek Corporate Partnerships and the confidence to know that we can do it! We now know what our organisation is worth, it’s strengths and weaknesses, what we can offer to partners who support us and how together we can both achieve success!

Christine DiPetta, (former) National Red Nose Day Manager, SIDS and Kids® Australia

The HeartSmart® process enabled my team to secure corporate partnerships worth over $7m. The process is robust, rigorous and works

Dawn O’Neill, former CEO, Lifeline Australia

I look at corporate partnerships in a whole new way since starting my journey on the Cavill + Co HeartSmart® Toolkit Program. You need to take the journey to see the potential. There are too many benefits of this program to state them all; however, the biggest thing that I have learnt through this process is to value our brand and to know the potential of what we have to offer a company. I feel prospective Corporate partners will see what a great asset they will have in partnering long term with a highly trained charity - thanks to having competed the HeartSmart® Program.

Lynda Inglis, (former) corporate development officer, Guide Dogs Victoria

HeartSmart® gave us the confidence to pitch to ‘big scary corporates’. As a result of the process we signed up a new six-figure partner in PetStock, new sponsors and to renewed our partnership with Pedigree. We’re growing bigger and smarter, becoming more sustainable and most importantly, working with our members to place more pets into more homes.

John Bishop, Co-founder & Joint CEO - PetRescue

Cavill + Co’s HeartSmart® process is Red Bull for your corporate partnerships strategy – it gives you the tools, thinking + confidence to attempt the seemingly impossible – and succeed

Brendan Maher, General Manager, RU OK?

The HeartSmart® Toolkit is a truly unique and inspirational program. It has provided The Fred Hollows Foundation with the tools to create strong and sustainable corporate partnerships. Rarely do you find an experienced professional who is willing share such valuable knowledge. Hailey Cavill combines a sophisticated knowledge of the corporate sector with a passionate understanding of the not-for-profit sector. The Fred Hollows Foundation strongly recommends the HeartSmart® program to any NPO that is serious about investing in the world of corporate partnerships. Thank you, Hailey!

Penny Tribe, Senior Executive – Partnerships, the Fred Hollows Foundation

The HeartSmart® process is hands down the best product on the market to equip you to establish sustainable corporate partnerships. It is an elegant, strategic, digestible tried & tested methodology. It builds capability, requires organisations to think hard, and provides tangible tools to realise potential opportunities. Furthermore, it operates with a sense of abundance – a view that partnerships are not only possible but realistic. Hailey understands what is possible, has deep knowledge and skills in the field and has put it all into HeartSmart®. I recommend it to any leader seeking success

Kit McMahon, Former CEO, Girl Guides Australia