Provocative Speaker

Hailey Cavill-Jaspers, Fearless Leader, speaks on the potency of corporate partnerships, effective CSR & Social Good communication (based on Talking the Walk® research) and the power of altruism with her campaign ‘Better than Sex®’.  Described as ‘provocative’ and ‘inspiring’ Hailey is a natural storyteller who finds exciting and humorous ways to share her knowledge. Conferences where you can see her live are below.

Newkind Festival, Tasmania, February 2019

From 19-24 February in Tasmania over 500 changemakers and social champions will gather.  Workshops, discussion panels, skill development sessions to help inspire and grow the doing good movement.  Systems thinkers, sustainability experts and social activists from around the world share their knowledge and tools to empower the next generation.  It’s a cruelty free, renewable energy, zero waste event that walks the talk.  Hailey is joined by Susie Bayes from Guardian Labs to discuss corporate responsibility, greed, trust and the power of consumer choice.



#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit, March 2019

From 21-31 March aspiring changemakers will gather online to hear from over 50 innovative thinkers and experienced social entrepreneurs about how to blend passion, profit and purpose.  Speakers include Creel Price, Founder of Investible, author Nicole Gibson. Hailey will be sharing her personal story including the trials and triumphs of running a social business for 23 years.


Pitch Clinics – Sydney & Melbourne, February & March

Cavill + Co’s Pitch Clinics help social enterprises and non profits craft their pitch so that it inspires, moves and motivates the audience to act.  Hailey’s simple formula for crafting a pitch has been created from her 12 years in marketing & media, 23 years at the helm of Cavill + Co, over 1000 pitches, 700 workshops & seminars, tv gigs and big stage experience.


Free Webinars with Hailey Cavill-Jaspers

March – June 2019

Free, inspiring and intensive 1/2 hour webinars for both non-profits and corporates.


Learn from the mistakes of others.
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Develop your approach through trial and error over many years, or work it out in a few hours in one of Cavill + Co workshops

Glen CormickBDM, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute

Inspiring, empowering, thoroughly practical

Rosalene FogelFundraising Manager, Wellington Zoo Trust, NZ

Empowering, realistic, savvy training

Olivia MacleanGeneral Manager, Mission Development, Baptcare