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Webinar: Discover why Storytelling is the must-have skill for non-profits in 2019 (4 June 2019) FOR NON-PROFITS

June 4, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 11:30 am AEST

This webinar is exclusively for non-profits / for purpose organisation (there are alternate webinars for corporates / for profit organisations – check them out here)

Consumers are exposed to 600 messages PER DAY, and over 54,000 worthy charities in Australia are trying to get their voices heard and their ‘ask’ out.  What messages are actually getting through? The ones embedded in stories!

The world has changed dramatically since the invention of the internet and the explosion of social media – it’s changed the way we communicate – and who controls that communication – forever.  What hasn’t changed for thousands of years, is our brain.

Our brain is wired to respond to stories.  Neuroscience proves that a good story – told well – can change brain chemistry.

And the good news for non-profits is that it changes in ways that trigger empathy and altruism.

So if you want to enrol potential volunteers, donors, corporate partners so that they are inspired to take action – and who doesn’t? – then learning the art of storytelling is the must have skill of 2019.

This 30 minute intensive webinar will illustrate and explain how storytelling can have the potential to transform your connection to potential supporters.

Presented by Hailey Cavill-Jaspers, DoGoodologist, and Simon Oats, master storyteller.

Note: if you register for this webinar please ensure it goes into your calendar.  When people register and then don’t attend it may result in the webinar being cancelled and it de-incentives us to run free webinars in the future! Thank you for your understanding