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We help companies, brands and corporate Foundations invest in the right cause to ensure meaningful, measurable strategic outcomes. Whether you have a Foundation and are looking to review & refresh the structure or portfolio for greater social impact, we have a tried & tested process that gets you results, fast. Perhaps you’re a company or brand seeking a flagship partnership to reach new audiences, resonate with customers or bring your brand essence to life? We have a tried & tested process for that too.


Over our 25 years in business we’ve witnessed enormous change. In the corporate sector, from pure philanthropy and chairman’s chequebook in the 90’s to staff volunteering, Cause Related Marketing (CRM) and sponsorship in the naughties through to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Shared value in recent times. We’ve seen consumer trust in corporations slide to an all time low and consumer skepticism at an all time high and a new generation of social entrepreneurs and activists in gen y and z. Change creates opportunity, if you’re willing to grab it.

When you engage Cavill + Co we bring 25 years of experience to enhance your thinking and strategy. Experience gained through working with leading companies such as Kmart, IAG, Disney, SEEK, News Corp, Vodafone, Contiki, Mondelez, Financial Service Council and many more.

Our flagship process HeartSmart® has spawned over 40 partnerships, 3 of which have won industry awards and many have lasted for 6, 9 and even 18 years! When you get a partnership right, companies stick with it.

Through the HeartSmart® process we secured 3 amazing long term partners that aligned to our new purpose. Hailey’s wise counsel was invaluable – her robust, tried and tested process gets results. Highly recommended

Alyssa JonesHead of Vodafone Foundation

Cavill + Co are hardworking and filled with boundless enthusiasm. They professionally guided us to a cause partner that perfectly aligns with our business, values and brand. I cannot recommend them highly enough

Stephen Browningformer Head of Corporate Affairs, News Corp, 2013

HeartSmart® exhausted all options and made sure we secured the right partner for Contiki. I highly recommend Cavill + Co for their knowledge, professionalism and due diligence

Tammy Marshallformer MD, Contiki

Energetic, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about creating strong partnerships that stand the test of time – we found working with Cavill + Co both fun & very rewarding. Highly recommended

Graeme Mosesformer Director of Marketing & Membership, Financial Services Council

Hailey compelled me to think outside of the Kmart psyche which helped to develop a bold new plan for our community activities. Her guidance and creative thinking has been crucial in bringing this to fruition.

Kate ThiedemanCommunity Relations Advisor, Kmart

HeartSmart® process 

Our 10-step process that seeks out & secures the perfect cause partner to achieve all your social & business objectives. It’s a robust, fail-safe process.

We’ve implemented HeartSmart® for Vodafone Foundation, Financial Services Council (FSC), News Corp, Disney Australia and more recently Carman’s, Mondelez Foundation and Zinfra. Award winning partnerships for SEEK, Kellogg’s and Atari have arisen from this process.

Watch Nicole from Zinfra talk about her experience of working with Hailey on HeartSmart®.

Hailey has a refreshing straight-up attitude, but also open to new ideas and perpectives

Alyssa JonesHead of Vodafone Foundation

Any business that is serious about getting CSR right would do itself an enormous favour by talking to Hailey. Her 23 years of experience and insights make her the best there is.

Stephen Browningformer Head of Corporate Affairs, News Corp, 2013

Working with Hailey on our search for a new community partner was a brilliant experience – I cannot recommend the HeartSmart process enough.

Stephanie SalibaHead of Corporate & Government Affairs, Mondelez Australia

As a young business, we needed to get our CSR strategy right. Cavill + Co guided us through some difficult conversations, helping us gain collective clarity around what we are committed to. As a result, we have a robust and authentic CSR platform. I highly recommend Hailey Cavill for her wise counsel and vast experience spanning 20+ years - I wouldn’t want to go through this challenging journey without it.

Narelle Curtisformer Community Partnership Manager, CrownBet (now BetEasy)

Hailey did a great job of holding our hand through our new CSR strategy. She corralled a lot of information & distilled into a single minded cause that we now support. Process driven, thorough & fun – I’d recommend Hailey in a heartbeat.

Nicole Baileyformer Group Marketing & Communications Manager, Zinfra

DoGooding® campaign – the power of altruism


Cavill + Co’s WholeHeart process helps organisations that have an established community engagement structure (Program or Foundation) to refine, reconfigure and repackage the portfolio so that the activities are more focused, impactful and fully integrated and aligned to business strategy and goals.

We’ve done this for Vodafone Foundation, Australia Post, 4logik Alliance, Pfizer and Qantas and more recently Carman’s Muesli, Bet Easy, IAG Foundation and Kmart.

HeartSmart® helped us narrow our brief, align internal stakeholders, target the right charities and make the right decision about our partner for the next 3 years - a big commitment and one that we wanted to get right. The overwhelming positive response from our team when we launched the new program is testament that the process works!

Stephanie SalibaHead of Corporate & Governance Affairs, Mondelez Australia

My goal was to redefine our strategy & purpose - to invest in causes that were aligned to our values and appealing to our stakeholders. Through Hailey's WholeHeart process, we brought focus & created a new purpose - enabling charities to harness the power of mobile technology to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians. Highly recommended.

Alyssa JonesHead of Vodafone Foundation, 2015

We bought in the Cavill + Co team to help re-align the community program with modern day Kmart. Together we created a new platform that will align to our brand and company values. It will resonate with our young team members, make sense to customers, take into account our overseas suppliers and owner Wesfarmers.

Kate ThiedemanCommunity Relations Advisor, Kmart

Cavill + Co guided us through some difficult thinking with our partner AFL, helping us gain collective clarity around what was appropriate to invest in. As a result, we now have a robust and authentic CSR platform, rather than a tokenistic charity program. I highly recommend Hailey Cavill for her wise counsel and vast experience - I wouldn’t want to go through this challenging journey without it.

Narelle Curtisformer Community Partnership Manager, CrownBet (now BetEasy) 2018


In this age of information overload, piercing through the noise is vital. We’ve discovered that there are two things that cut through the clutter – good news stories and graphics. Visuals are processed 60,000 x faster than text & people remember 80% of what they see vs what they read (20%) or hear (10%), so the way we communicate CSR & Social Good is through infographics, not complex, long winded CSR reports.

We’ve produced numerous infographics for Cavill + Co (many are free via this website) and we’ve enabled BetEasy & Mondelez Australia to tell their Social Good story in a vibrant and engaging way.


Talking the Walk®2

Talking the Walk®2 is the ultimate guidebook for corporate & CSR communicators. How do organisations that are genuinely doing good demonstrate this and cut through the noise of scepticism, information overload and fake news? Scattergun philanthropy & tokenistic ticking-the-CSR-box are still rife, but for organisations doing genuinely good work…communication is often their downfall. This report helps you to get it right. $49+ GST for e-book and $99+ GST for hard copy book.

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You've done all the heavy lifting for us - we can lose our life on Google searching CSR or we can simply find all the data in one place in your book Talking the Walk® - thank you for your gift to the rest of us.

David CookeMD, Konica Minolta

Well isn't this a timely publication? Talking the Walk® showcases Hailey's entertaining, pithy communication style.

Bernard Salt AMThe Demographics Group

This report will save you a lot of time & money - it's a bible for CSR & communication professionals, highly recommended.

Geoff NevillNational Manager - Events & Marketing, KPMG


If you are already actively pursuing or partnering and require mentorship, advice, review or something else, we provide consultancy, minimum purchase is a day of our time. We’re process driven and creative, but most of all we bring 25 years of experience. We bring the WOW factor – Words of Wisdom. If you just want to tap into our expertise, involve us in think tanks, coach your charity partners to tell their story (Pitch coaching) or have us facilitate workshops, we’re game!

Provocative Speaker

Hailey will provoke, educate, inspire and entertain your audience. She speaks on the business case for partnering with a charity, how it’s so much more than ‘warm & fuzzies’. She shares her insights on CSR & Social Good communication based on her research report Talking the Walk®.

Her DoGooding® campaign which reveals the latest neuroscience proving that altruism is better than…SEX! Bringing real world experience and anecdotes from her successful business of 25 years’ standing and world travels, Hailey is an unscripted ‘natural’ who speaks with authority, humour & vitality on the topic that inspires her most – making a contribution to society.

Free Stuff

If you are new to CSR & Social Good and cause partnerships we have a range of free offerings to help you get inspired! Free webinars, free research, media articles, blog and much more. We want you to be sure that this strategy is right for your organisation before you start investing time and money.