Cavill + Co Shop Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions are designed to help clarify what your obligations are when purchasing from our website shop, and our obligations to you as a customer. To purchase anything from our shop you are required to accept these conditions, so please read them carefully.

  1. Workshops – non-disclosure of content. In some cases, when purchasing a workshop from us, you will be required to sign a non-disclosure form. This form states that information and intellectual property (IP) provided to you before, during & after the workshop is owned by Cavill + Co and protected by copyright laws (in some cases by trademark) and is not to be disclosed to third parties or used for consultancy or training purposes. Information cannot be plagiarised or repackaged and offered as a new product. We reserve the right to eject any person from our workshops that refuses to sign the non-disclosure. A refund will not be automatic.
  2. Refunds for workshops are not available 7 days prior to the workshop commencing, no matter what the reason. We will consider moving your registration to a future workshop if the reason for moving is communicated directly to the director of Cavill + Co, Hailey Cavill-Jaspers ( We do not provide refunds to people who simply choose not (or forget) to attend. Yes, this happens more often than you would imagine! There are no refunds on eBooks purchased.
  3. Free stuff doesn’t mean free to nick. When you purchase a document that is offered free, you are welcome to share this document as freely as possible in its current form. However, the document is still protected by copyright and therefore cannot be copied, plagiarised or repackaged in any form at any time for any purpose.
  4. Be nice if posting comments. Visitors and purchasers to the shop may post reviews & comments so long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasion of privacy, infringing of IP or otherwise injurious to third parties or containing spam. Cavill + Co reserves the right to remove or edit such content.
  5. E-book links can go walkabout. When you purchase an eBook, a link will be sent to you which allows you to download the book. Please check all your junk and clutter folders as the email may be residing there. We cannot be responsible for emails that are deleted or lost by purchasers.
  6. The price is our right. We reserve the right to alter the price of any products featured on our website shop, at any time.
  7. We’re not perfect. Whilst we take great care in developing our products, all documents are offered for information purposes only. We are not perfect, and we shall not be responsible or liable for errors or omissions contained within the information. If you spot an error do let us know so that we can fix it!
  8. You abide by the law. By visiting Cavill + Co, you agree to the laws of Victoria, Australia, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and Cavill + Co.
  9. Disputes are sorted out with the owner. Any dispute relating in any way to your visit to Cavill + Co or to products you purchase, should be addressed directly to the director, Hailey Cavill-Jaspers who can be reached at
  10. The details you provide are secure. Cavill + Co adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles, which is part of the Privacy Act, March 2014 (Australian Government OAIC, Privacy Act 1988).  Whilst we are not required by law to abide by this (due to our size and turnover), we do so anyway, because we operate our business with respect for other people and their personal information. We will add your details to our database and email you from time to time, at any point you have the right to unsubscribe. We do not and will not share, loan or sell any of our clients or customer’s details without your express written consent (occasions are rare and usually come at the request of our customer).  Please review our privacy commitment to understand our practices.

Hailey Cavill, Director, Cavill + Co 15 October 2018