Hailey founded Cavill + Co in 1995 upon arriving in Australia. Hailey is Gen X in years but a millennial at heart – she loves the excitement of juggling a multitude of balls in the air and has a strong desire to live life with purpose. She is a social entrepreneur, author, speaker, DoGoodologist & pitch coach that loves travel, cats, chai, inspiring people and singing loudly off-key.

Prior to Australia Hailey enjoyed a successful 12-year marketing career in London. Whilst launching some exciting products such a the world’s first wine box, the inaugural home pregnancy kit, writing for Cosmo and hob-nobbing with celebs & models at The Clothes Show magazine (BBC tv spin off) Hailey felt unfulfilled. Then everything changed one day when she met a young woman called Anita Roddick, who ran a small shop selling back-to-basics beauty products. Anita merged business with social benefit, and it was revolutionary. This potent combination took off and The Body Shop grew to become one of the most successful brands of all time.

Inspired by Anita and realising that there had to be a more meaningful way to earn a crust and live life, Hailey bought her first ever backpack at 29 and set off to Africa. She sat with rare mountain gorillas in Zaire, saw giraffes and elephants in Ngorongoro Crater, got very sick with malaria and giardia.

After 6 months, Hailey still hadn’t found what she was looking for, and was told by travellers to head to India, the place to ‘find yourself’. So off to India & Nepal Hailey went for a further 6 months, where she cried a lot, both happy & sad tears. She trekked for 14 days to Everest base camp and just before heading back to London to face the music she decided to volunteer at Mother Theresa’s mission in Calcutta.

The Mission is a small white house where destitute people go to die.  It doesn’t sound like fun, but Hailey experienced such profound joy & peace here. The nuns who slept in tiny beds and scrubbed floors all day, were the most serene & content people she had ever met.  This is when Hailey first experienced the ‘giving high’ and began a lifelong quest to understand it – and share it.

Returning to London, Hailey was a changed woman and could not return to the superficial world of marketing.  She joined a non-profit that was breaking the cycle of child abuse – the NSPCC – managing their corporate partners.  She even featured on the front page of the Daily Mirror in a Pizzaland promotion that was raising funds for the cause!

This was Hailey’s dream job, but an Australian who’d captured her heart in Zimbabwe went and spoilt it all by saying something stupid like ‘I love you – move to Australia with me’.  So, she did.

Hailey has ticked off 12 of the 18 wonders of the world on her travels (3 of the ancient wonders have gone, hence not 21), and since her time in Australia has written and published several e-books on CSR & Social good. She wrote, trialled and launched a world-first training tool for non-profits (The HeartSmart® Toolkit) in 2006 which is still empowering non-profits and spawning corporate-cause partnerships to this day.

In April 2020 Hailey Co-Founded a new online training program for changemakers called BePartnerReady.com® with fellow Do-Goodologist Georgia McIntosh.  This online training & implementation program empowers non-profits & social enterprises to forge potent corporate & business partnerships so they can do more of what they do best – change the world.

Hailey lives with her husband Tyrone Jaspers in an eco-house that they built together, which featured on Grand Designs Australia in 2012 and 2018. It looks a bit like a hobbit house, because of its arch shape and green roof. It’s made of recycled polystyrene with native grasses on the roof and was awarded 7 ½ eco stars. Host and architect Peter Maddison called it ‘a humble yet regal work of art’. This is where Hailey works most of the time but she does travel to Melbourne & Sydney to meet clients when required. Clients love coming to the house too – old habitual thinking tends to scatter here.

Hailey is sassy, funny, strategic, creative and real.

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