Hailey founded Cavill + Co in 1995 because she wanted a purposeful life and to be in charge of her own destiny. After a successful but unfulfilling 12 year corporate PR career in London, Hailey embarked on an 18-month back-packing adventure through Africa, India and Nepal and after what she had seen, she couldn’t step back into the glittering yet superficial world she had known.

After a few years with a leading UK non-profit, she arrived in Australia in 1994. Hailey was inspired by Anita Roddick who merged business with societal responsibility and built an empire from its potency.

Understanding the needs of both sides, inspired to make a contribution and make use of her marketing skills, Hailey saw an opportunity to become a matchmaker and formed Cavill + Co.

23 years and 50 partnerships later, Cavill + Co is proud to have played a part in reducing toddler drownings, enabling kids to seek help & mentoring, training more guide dogs, preserving the environment, funding kids’ research, changing the face of volunteering and raising awareness of critical social issues such as binge drinking, vision loss, depression, indigenous inequality, stroke and social violence.

These partnerships have enhanced corporate reputations, differentiated brands, inspired staff and customers and provided an emotive and values-driven point of difference.

Building purposeful profitable partnerships is what we do, what we’re very passionate about and what we’re good at.

View from the Cavill + Co office.

We run our business consistent with a set of values that were laid down at the start.

Keeping it real (tell it like it is)

Creative thinking and doing

Striving for excellence

Making a contribution


Leading the way

We operate from a 7-star rating eco home & office in the stunning town of Warburton in the Yarra Valley.

We seek our inspiration in nature not concrete walls. We travel when required and we’re big on skype and talking on the phone.

Our business is carbon-neutral, our power is mostly solar, we recycle or repurpose everything and the garden on our roof keeps us well insulated – and busy weeding!

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito

Anita Roddick

We’re a small team – by choice. Deliberately staying small and boutique means we can offer an exceptional personal service at a fair price.

Being small means we are nimble and flexible, we can bring in the top experts when needed, we can choose who we work with, rather than being a slave to our overheads.

And for our clients, when you work with Cavill + Co, you get to work with the owner. We may be small but we think BIG and achieve huge things.

The core team is supported by an amazing troupe of VAs including Danielle and Caroline who work on events and administration.

Hailey is supported by exceptional mentors.

hard working, filled with boundless enthusiasm. They found us a cause partner perfectly aligned with our business values and brands. Recommend them highly.

Stephen Browning, Director of Corporate Affairs, News Corp

energetic, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about creating strong partnerships – both fun and very rewarding. Highly recommended.

Graeme Moses, Director of Marketing & Membership, Financial Services Council

highly recommend Cavill + Co
for their knowledge, professionalism and due diligence

Tammy Marshall, Former MD, Contiki

Hailey’s professional yet down to earth attitude
is very refreshing

Chelsea Cobb, CSR Manager, PwC

I've always advised my clients to build a stand, not just a brand, and this is what Hailey is masterful at. She's run a successful business for 22 years, brokered 50 partnerships worth $40m, launched a world-first training Toolkit and has built a house worthy of Grand Designs. This woman just doesn't know how to think small - you're in safe hands

Dan Gregory, CEO, The Impossible Institute (Gruen Transfer panellist)

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