If someone had said to that passionate but naïve, single Hailey, 25 years ago: “You’ll be celebrating your company’s 25th birthday with your husband, in lockdown, due to a global pandemic,” I’d have laughed and said, “No way, never in a million years!”

Yet here we are. I would have been more surprised about celebrating 25 years than the pandemic, if I’m honest. When I started my little social business, I really had no idea how to do it, or whether there was a market for it – indeed, the indicators were that there wasn’t, as this was early days of the internet, CSR, Triple Bottom Line, Shared Value and all those other terms that basically mean the same thing – business and community working together to solve social problems. I was confronted with stats like ‘1 in 3 businesses fail in their first year’, and as a marketer, I take note of stats.

But it didn’t stop me. I had a burning desire to do good, to leave a meaningful legacy from my time on this planet, plus I needed to feel purposeful, after a pretty selfish life of careless consumption and a career that contributed very little to people or the planet.

This month I had planned a huge party at my home to celebrate – I had a food truck booked and invites ready to go. But of course that’s out of the question now. Nevertheless, lockdown has given me time to reflect on a lot of things. It’s abundantly clear to me that I would not have reached this extraordinary milestone without the constant generosity and support of many, many people.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, it takes a whole community to keep a small business afloat for this length of time! And I realised that a party would have been lovely, but it’s really not about us. So we’re going to celebrate a little differently.

I’m going to spend each day leading up to our official birthday (1 – 23 September) sharing special gifts with my local community, my Cavill + Co family, and my new BePartnerReady.com family.

To join the online party, follow Cavill + Co socials:

If you’re a corporate, follow the online party at Cavill + Co socials


If you’re a non-profit, follow the online party at BePartnerReady.com socials


Thank you – I’m immensely grateful and humbled,