New research from Cavill + Co and Di Marzio Research shows that in spite of a global pandemic and lockdowns and the fact that consumers have been forced to shop in different ways, Australians are still deeply concerned about social issues and their activism hasn’t waned.  Their views on how corporates should be actively involved in solving social issues has deepened and we’re seeing the highest ever statistic for their propensity to switch brands to support a cause.

The Conscious Consumer movement is finally mainstream, and something that companies cannot ignore.

We’re just analysing and interpreting the data from research conducted at the end of August, and the Conscious Consumer Report 2021 will be released mid-November. In the meantime, analyse our 2020 research here

If you’re after the Conscious Consumer Report 2021 for non-profits, click here


A consumer that uses the power of their purchase to effect positive social change. They are now far more than just conscious – they’re warriors. Their weapons are their amplified voice and their wallet.

They’re demanding that corporates partner with non-profits to solve societal problems, and they’re voting at the checkout by buying those brands doing good, and boycotting those that are not.


The report, containing research conducted in September 2020 by Di Marzio Research, reveals a substantial increase in conscious consumerism. This manifests in changed behaviour including preferencing brands that have a good reputation for social responsibility and on the flipside, boycotting those that don’t.  It shows beyond doubt that Australians do not expect government to fix societal problems – they want corporates to step up and do more.

The research exposes a deep sense of disappointment and distrust in corporates regarding their obligation to – and investment in – society.  It signals to corporates that if they do not embrace their responsibility, consumers will walk away.

What does this mean for corporates? Whilst this year has forced many companies to adapt to the way they do business, this research confirms that companies must pivot to a new purpose. Australians want to see fundamental change in the way companies engage with – and support – society. It is time for companies to let go of the old way – purely financially driven capitalism – and fully embrace a Triple Bottom Line model of operation.

If you work within a charity, non profit or foundation, check out the Conscious Consumer Report written for you here 


We took to the streets to gain further insight into why this movement has grown so rapidly.  They were of course empty, so we gathered on Zoom.  Watch what Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y say about their conscious consumerism, the research results, and the effect of COVID-19.


Understanding research requires knowledge of the different generational groups and the events that shaped their attitudes and behaviour.

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We do hope that the statistics and insights contained within this report provide you with the impetus to start a conversation about CSR & Social Good. Whilst investing in this area may seem counter-intuitive at the start of a recession, it’s essential. It can no longer be viewed as an optional feel-good strategy; it must be an integral part of doing business. At Cavill + Co, we can help you to get clear on what your focus should be, and we can partner you with a brilliant non-profit that will make your strategy a reality.


Our last e-book, called Talking the Walk®2, contains numerous statistics from around the globe on the conscious consumer movement, and is a good benchmark for our latest study. It also includes a new model for communicating CSR & Social Good, along with guidelines on the best way to communicate to resonate with Millennials. This e-book is now freely available to download.


If you work with a charity, non profit or foundation, check out the Conscious Consumer report written for you here